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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Taking your book club to the streets

Out in Fresno,Ca,they're using a new approach to get folks interested in reading. Instead of the usual meeting places to hold book discussions(libraries,people's homes),such venues as restaurants,nursing homes and museums are being used instead. a 24 hour readaloud of To Kill A Mockingbird took place at a Krispy Kreme to kickstart the whole thing off.

This may seem wacky to some but hey,one thing a reader learns to appreciate is creativity and I don't know what's more creative than this. Some of the book choices are not my cup of tea-The Great Gatsby,for one(I read it in high school but always felt cold about Fitzgerald)-but it's not a bad start.

This got me thinking,okay if you want to discuss a book in an innovative setting, where would you read certain books? For a Krispy Kreme,I would've chosen a book like Empire Falls(which takes place in a diner),for example. You could really make quite a game out of this while hanging out at the mall:what book would fit in with stores like The Gap,Hot Topic or Sam Goodys? Would it be better to have a Harry Potter reading at a Toy'R US or a kid's clothing store?

You could also mix it up abit-imagine holding a reading of Fight Club in a hospital waiting room or The House of Mirth in a comedy club. The possibilites are endless. Hats off to Fresno for daring to think outside the box and good reading to all and to all a good book.

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