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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Heat from Hell's Kitchen,Blade on the boob tube and finally,Rescue Me revisited!

Last night,I watched the two hour premiere of Blade:the series on Spike,which has the same type of programming subtley as F/X does. Didn't expect to see a vampire take an axe to the knee,for one thing(not that I'm complaining at all here,folks!). Kirk"Sticky" Jones(I so don't get that nickname)certainly doesn't have Wesley Snipes' charisma but he's not too bad.

Most of the acting chops here go to his co-star,Jill Wagner. She plays Krista,an Army vet who sets out to find her twin brother's killer and by the end,becomes a vampire double agent who may or may not help Blade defeat the head vamp,Marcus Van Scriver. Wagner brings some strong believibility to the part which ups her plotline,making it rather compelling and interesting.

It also helps that Neil Jackson,who plays Marcus,is suitably sinister and sexy.One of my favorite scenes had him and Krista verbally facing off as she aims a rifle at him from a nearby rooftop. We also get Randy Quiad here as a Van Helsing type,making an uncredited appearance. Not sure if he's going to be a regular or not.

Anyway,this show has some promise so I'll stay tuned,for now. I am not expecting this to be the next Buffy by any means but it's so far,so good. Let's see if Blade can stay sharp and avoid some of those Charmed pitfalls.

After a full course of Top Chef drama,my appetite's been whetted for some more competitive cooking hijinks so I sampled some of Hell's Kitchen. I knew Gordon Ramsey was a tough talker but damn!It's like cooking for the drill instructor from Full Metal Jacket-"Chef,YES,Chef!" I get a kick out of those overdone graphics used for the opening credits and commerical breaks,not to mention the in-your-face use of the HK logo,the likes of which is rarely seen outside of the WWE.

I do,however,already hate one of the players,Sara. She pratically cackles with evil glee when one of her fellow chefs is getting ripped a new one by Ramsey and her sneaky sabotage of Virginia puts her right into the backstabber catagory. With any luck,it won't be long until her picture goes up in flames as she leaves.

and now for Rescue Me-last week's episode had Tommy and Janet doing what I would term a "hate fuck" scene and others see as rape. Hate fuck(pardon the profanity)is a term I've heard used to describe rough sex between two people who are so angry at each other that it leads to sex. Granted that I haven't watched this show from the very beginning but from what I've seen,that whole bit was not too far out of character for either Tommy or Janet and even with Marissa Tomei popping in for some payback business,I don't expect to see a happy reunion for this couple.

I haven't seen this much debate over rough sex since the season six Buffy episode Seeing Red(which I don't intend to revive here,if I can help it). Until we all agree that fictional characters don't always have to do nice things or be "likable" to be interesting,this will never end.

That said,I knew that Susan Sarandon's character was going to snatch Franco's kid after he was dumb enough to make it easier for her by telling her about his illegal takeback of his daughter. Her whole justification of that is crap-yes,girls marry their fathers and look for mother figures when there are none but what kind of a role model is a wannabe mom who steals someone else's child and blackmails the birth parent into letting her do so? A pretty nasty one,IMO!

The 4400 cliffhanger with Maia being taken is real nerve racking. I don't think that she'll be off the show(Maia's too popular for that)but it makes one thing clear-when ever Alice Krige shows up,there's trouble right next to her! Just check out her track record at IMDB and you'll see what I mean. Also,Isobel caught on to Daniel's game real quick,didn't she? Those Jedi powers of hers rival anything that wimpy Hayden Christenson tried to pull in Revenge of the Sith.

Well,tonight's the premiere for the much hyped It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia with Danny DeVito at the helm. I only watched a couple of shows last season and it seemed pretty funny. Hopefully,this season's bunch will be as good as the promos they keep playing(love the one at the restaurant where Daddy DeVito keeps telling his kids not to have sex with each other-"I don't want any retard grandkids!").

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