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Friday, June 09, 2006

One Slice of Triple Layer Cheesecake Vampire Novel coming up!

A few weeks ago,Little Sister and I went to a rummage sale where I spotted this book amongst the piles of paperbacks on sale. My Lord Vampire by Debbie Raliegh(have to admit that I like it that the author calls herself Debbie instead of Deborah,atleast for some of her books. Click the title link if you want to see what else she's written)is a Regency era vampire romance tale which has quite a premise:seems that all vampires dwell in The Veil,an alternate dimension created by Nefri(who's some sort of Queen of the Damned type)who used a magical Medallion to do so. The Medallion has since been split into three parts and passed on to three mortal women who are bound to their Medallion piece and must willingly give it up to someone-it can't just be taken from them.

Three vampires break free of the Veil and decide to go after the Medallion Maidens to claim the gems. This of course leads to three "champion" vamps sent to protect the gals and wind up falling in love with the ladies. As you guessed,My Lord Vampire is only part one of a trilogy. Lucky for me,Booksfree had the other two titles available and are shipping them to me as I write this. Since these are rather short books(less than three hundred pages),I thought it would be best to read them all at once-kind of like drinking rum straight from the bottle or just eating an entire box of Entenmann's donuts. Totally decadent.

Part of the reason I bought MLV was that I knew Little Sister would razz me on it(plus it didn't look half bad at the less than a dollar price). She loves to tease me about the many sexed up hijinks of the Laurell K. Hamilton books(which I can not resist at all,despite the increasingly rampant vampire/werebeing/fairy bedroom escapades)and even got a friend of ours who went to a horror convention have Julie Benz(Darla from Buffy and Angel)sign a picture to me saying"Yes,Vampire babies do exist".

It is a pet peeve of mine,when the vampire legends get distilled with notions of vampires having kids and turning any creature into a vampire(the vampire pomeranian in the last Blade movie was too damn much,not to mention it gave a better performance than Parker Posey or Triple H). I can be flexible-had no trouble with the Connor deal in Angel-but it does rankle me when it looks like the genre is going to get the Batman & Robin treatment(Poison Ivy,anyone?).

Sometimes,your inner geek can't help but pop out and make her voice heard to the high heavens. However,you also have to know when to give in and just go with the flow. You'll just be missing out of some fun otherwise. My sis can keep calling these books Cheesecake Vampire Novels all she wants,I'm still going to enjoy them just the same(plus,the mockery adds some spice to my indulgence).

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