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Monday, July 10, 2006

Heavenly life lessons from The Devil Wears Prada

The film and fashion gods smiled down upon me this weekend which explains how I got the chance to catch The Devil Wears Prada at my local multiplex this past weekend. I had just finished reading the book(which was better than I expected)only a few days earlier so it was fresh in my thoughts as Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway danced thru a rather lite-on-the-venom-extra-dash-of-foamy-clothing latte of labors
lost plot. Yes, Meryl has a gay old time as the Evil Boss from Hell but Hathaway still manages to hold her own,in or out of Manolo Blahniks.

The most memorable performance,however,belongs to Emily Blunt,first assistant and willing slave girl to Miranda's every whim. She doles out the snark with expert flair and yet,you feel a tad sorry for such a desparate soul whose biggest goal in life is to be "a stomach flu away from my goal weight."

Anyway,I was thinking that this movie could easily inspire a set of Life Lesson figurines,like the ones sold at TLC. You may seen the commericals which have cute little knickknacks like "E-Mail and Merlot don't mix" and "Dating is hard but so is being the crazy cat lady". Here are my suggestions for some Devil Wears Prada versions( perhaps with voice chips?):

10)Accessories are not meant to be ulitary,they're iconography....and they're pretty!

9)The main ingrediant in corn chowder is cellulite.

8)If your boss stops to glare at your comfortable shoes,it's time to strap on those Jimmy Choos!

7)You don't deserve to wear Parisan clothes if you eat carbs,for christ's sake!

6) A purse of the lips can change an entire line of fashion.

5)When showing off your new and improved look to your snotty co-workers,Chanel boots are a must.

4)Everyone stopped eating when size zero became the new two and two became the new four(which makes six the new fourteen).

3)When bringing office work to your boss at home,never listen to suggestions from evil twin girls.

2)Everybody wants to be us!

1)Inner beauty;that's what this multi billion dollar industry is all about.

It's nice to note that chick lit onscreen still has a fighting chance at box office glory despite the invasion of pirates,animated cars and bad Adam Sandler flicks. Indulge your inner diva and dive right in to this tart and tasty slice of comedic couture delights. Hey,even if you can't wear the clothes,there's no harm in looking!


PJS said...

How'd you remember all those quotes in a single viewing?

lady t said...

That's due to my possessing of powers beyond those of mortal men/women,not to mention my keen fashion sense:)!

PJS said...

I've seen the darned thing twice and I couldn't remember that many direct quotes.

I read two articles yesterday (slate.com and NewYorkTimes.com) about how real-life fashionistas are grousing over which elements of the movie don't ring true to the industry. Interesting stuff, of course it doesn't take anything away from the fun of the movie.

lady t said...

I just read a blog post from a publishing bigwig about whether Lauren Weisberger was being fair to Anna Wintour(the real life model for Miranda Priestly)in writing the novel-a bit late in the game for that discussion,IMO.

The bigwig was pretty much in the"good for her!" camp but the fashionistas need to chill-a lot of that stuff applies to many job situations. I know I had a few flashbacks from my last workplace between reading the book and seeing the film!

Nancy said...

OMG, the question is how did she remember all these stuffs.
Cannot u see that she has read a book... ok, I will stop here.

I want her white jacket !! I saw the simmilar one i the Benetton shop!