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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hell's Kitchen is heating up,Project Runway takes off and Aquaman!

The CW seems to have abandoned the fledgling Aquaman series even before it's truly begun. Aquaman's appeal is really more of a cult chic kind of thing but I don't see why it couldn't be given a chance. Thanks to YouTube,this trailer is yet again available and makes me hope that someone will take a chance on it:

Hell's Kitchen is now down to five contestants and it's getting very dicey. The Red Team pretty much imploded during the last dinner service(tip to Sarah-if you go around being a backstabber and saying that it's stupid to make friends during a competition,it's not a shocker that no one will help you out when you need it.).

The Blue Team seems to have bonded more,with this last punishment detail of unloading every damn delivery truck,which is good for Heather. Garrett,however,needs to check himself-that flipping off Gordon and the girls bit nearly cost him the whole shebang there. Gordon's a tough SOB but he's fair and does give encouragement when it's warrented and deserved.

Project Runaway is getting off to a good start,with Tara Conner(Miss USA)getting a really sweet dress(Yah,Kayne!)and having Vera Wang as one of the judges must've been nerve wracking for everyone. Speaking of nerve wracking,that Angela is a trip. How can a designer say"I don't sketch"-that's like a writer saying"I don't read"! Granted,Vincent should've let her help him out more but it's also her responsibilty to step up and make her herself part of the team,even if she wasn't thrilled with his dress. Green was a good choice but the sleeves did look rather space alien.

Too bad Malan had to go,just when I was starting to like him. That story he told about his mom looking at his work and telling him to never do that again was really touching. I hope he does well in his next fashion endeavor.

Random notes:

Rescue Me: That Sheila is scary-her whole bit with drugging up Tommy,having sex with him out like a light and then making it look like he went on a bender makes me wonder just how far around the bend she's gone. And was anyone really surpised at Garrity hooking up with Maggie yet again? I did enjoy that scene where Lou took the Gavin girls to the movies-"Wait until the guy's finished sawing the little girl's head open,then you can look."

The 4400: Tom can't catch a break-his son's in the slammer,his nephew avoids him like the plague(except when there's a pesky terrorist group around)and now his woman is on the run. Shawn was being King Idiot of Stupidtown there for expecting Isobel to claimly break up with him and then start seeing another girl right in front of her. Shawn,please-her own daddy's afraid of her Sith powers,that should give you a clue!

Nightmares and Dreamscapes: Umney's Last Case was well done(Macy kicked ass)and it was nice to see Jacqueline McKenzie(best known as Diana Skouris from The 4400)in some thing different. The End Of The Whole Mess was real damn depressing,which I did expect,having read the original story after all. The next two episodes are The Fifth Quarter with Jeremy Sisto(it's a crime story in the style of those Richard Stark novels) and The Road Virus Heads North,with Tom Beringer and Masha Mason. Road Virus will most likely be the weaker of the two but I'll still watch it.

Blade:The Series: Krista's walking a very narrow edge between the human and vampire worlds(plus that Chase bitch is itching to take her down)and it looks like Detective Boone is quite the troublsome fellow. Thank goodness that channels like Spike and Bravo repeat current episodes as often as they do. I don't know what it is about Wednesdays;all the programmers seem to converge their shows on that night.

Next week,we'll have the premiere of Stan Lee's Who Wants To Be A Superhero and NBC has announced that preview DVDs of two of their upcoming fall shows(Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and Kidnapped)will be available at Netflix,starting August 5. I only wish that Heroes was one of them-yes,there'll be a trailer for it included with other promos but that show really needs some strong word of mouth to heighten the buzz.


PJS said...

That Aquaman show looks sorta fun, I've never heard of it for some reason.

YouTube is slowly taking over my life. I've spent hours on it watching Joan Crawford and Bette Davis clips and interviews.

Lately I've been reluctantly getting into the Janice Dickinson show... have you tried that at all?

lady t said...

I've seen Janice D on America's Next Top Model and she's too uberwacky,even for me. I can take her in small doses on The Soup:)

They have Joan Crawford and Bette Davis clips on YouTube?! Damn,I need to bookmark that site now.