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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Storytime with The Lady In the Water

M.Night Shyamalan has said that his upcoming movie,Lady in the Water,came about as a bedtime tale for his kids and to back that up,will release a picture book version of his original story that neatly ties-in with the premiere of the film. Lady in the Water:A Bedtime Story is illustrated by Crash McCreery,who has done artwork for such movies as Edward Scissorhands,Jurassic Park and Pirates of the Carribean.

Does the book give away major movie spoilers? Not at all-it does explain the basic mythos of the film,which features sea nymphs(aka Narfs)who reside in neighborhood pools,awaiting the right moment to appear to the right person(called Vessels)who will then be inspired to do something great for the benefit of humanity. To prevent this from happening are vicious creatures called Scrunts,who if they can scratch a Narf three times,that will be the end of her.

The story is beautifully told,with the smooth grace and pacing that we've come to expect from Shyamalan's best films. McCreery's illustrations also add to the charm of the tale,with quiet yet invocative scenes that draw you further into the world that's been created here. LITW is McCreery's first children's book and I sincerely hope it is not his last;he truly has a flair for them.

Lady in the Water has been on my Must See Summer Movie List ever since I saw the very first trailer for it and now after reading this book,I wish that it was out in theaters already. Unlike alot of tie-in movie titles,Lady in the Water can and will stand alone as an excellant picture book that you would love to read to your child over and over again. For us grown-ups without any kids to read to,this book is a stylish and creative addition to your home library(please click the title link to find out more about it). Shyamalan's magic touch with storytelling deserves to be shared by all.


moonpunter said...
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PJS said...

Ooh! What was the deleted comment!?! I love controversy (on OTHER peoples' blogs)...

I'm interested in this movie because I like all of M. Night Shamalamalama Ding Dong's stuff (even the oft-maligned "Village"). But I do think they've marketed this one weirdly, don't you? Do you remember the drastic change from the original trailers to the ones they use now?

lady t said...

Sorry to disappoint you,PJS,but I deleted that comment due to it's being a commerical for someone I don't know's blog and you know what they say about holding onto Superman's cape:)

I adore M.Night(my favorite film of his is UnBreakable,which didn't get the credit it deserved) and yeah,the ads for it are very spooky compared to the earlier ones for LITW.

One of the probelms that plagued The Village was that it was being marketed like the Blair Witch and it was more of a really cool Twilight Zone type of film. My guess here is that they think that scary will drive more kids into the theaters on opening weekend. Hopefully,LITW will get the audience it deserves.