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Friday, March 09, 2007

March Movie Poster Madness

Since we're getting closer to spring(which, in movie going terms,is a hop,skip and a jump away from summer blockbuster season),more of the big tentpole flicks are getting hyped up in theaters in near you. Let's take a look at some of the posters that are currently decorating the multiplex lobbies and hopefully haven't been stolen yet:


This is only a "teaser" poster but what a treat it is! It's certainly quite the eye catcher,I must say. Word on the street is that Galactus,(the world destroying King Kong sized villian that the Silver Surfer is the herald for)will be making an appearance in the film. There was some doubt about his showing up,due to budget constraints.

Note to fans of the Sarah Silverman Show-if you watch the trailer,keep an eye for Brian Posehn. He's the priest marrying Reed Richards and Susan Storm.


Another teaser ad but nicely menancing. As the series allows it's character to get older and the storyline grows darker,it is good to see that the filmmakers are not trying to water the content down.

Daniel Radcliffe has been recently confirmed to star in the last two HP movies(they really can't be made without him at this point)but I don't think that this role will be the only one he'll ever be known for. Granted that some folks are going to see him in Equus to drool over him but like Leonardo DiCaprio before him,the pretty boy phase will give way to the time when his true talents will be what gets him work.


I really like this poster,the whole duality thing is well captured here. The preview clips shown during last Monday's Heroes(along with the 7 1/2 minute clips that were available for one day only at the NBC website)have whetted my appetite to feast my eyes on the rest of this film.

Both of the film's stars Tobey Maguire and Kristen Dunst,along with director Sam Raimi,have said that this is their last Spiderman movie. They feel that the Spidey flicks are a complete trilogy and there's nothing more they can do with them. I think that's a good idea. It's hard enough to get one comic book movie right,let alone three of them. This is best for all concerned,including the audience.


Yep,that's the actual title of the movie,folks. I know that with the Boston Scare a few weeks ago,a few people might be turned off to this film but they'd be missing out on a load of laughs. The wild and weird antics of Meatwad,Master Shake and Frylock(my favorite character) have to be seen to be believed.

This poster is pretty cool,with it's old school Conan look. There's also an Army of Darkness vibe to it as well(a great Sam Raimi movie that you should definately see if you haven't already. Yes,it's a sequel to Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn but you don't have to had seen the earlier film first). Bruce Campbell is listed as one of the voice actors which may explain the AOD feeling.


Never thought a movie based on a Disneyland ride would become a major film trilogy,did you? I certainly didn't see that coming. Also,when did someone in marketing decide to put out multiple posters featuring each character separately for one film? It's not a bad idea but it is a tad repetitive there.

There's atleast five solo character posters from this movie,they had about half a dozen for The Departed and it seems like there are a jillion of them for the new movie 300,which just opened up today. Look,I know all about star billing and stuff like that but there should be a limit here! There's only so much wall space in anyone's home for these things.

Pop quiz: out of these three posters,who do you think looks like they can really throw down some solid swordplay? My money's on Keira-she has that Kill Bill glint in her eye. Johnny Depp does everything cool and can turn on a dime,so he could swash a buckle or two there. Bloom is the weakest link. He looks like he's about to swing on a vine rather than slash a guy's face with that blade. Now,if he had a bow and arrow,then there'd be some trouble. I saw Bloom in Troy and the only time his character truly kicked ass was when he stared arrow slinging.

Well,that's enough for now. Tune in next time,true believers and don't forget to save me an aisle seat.


Robin Brande said...

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait for Spider-Man 3. Ditto Order of the Phoenix.

And you're right: Keira looks like she could kick some serious butt. That's a great poster.

lady t said...

I just saw a new Spiderman 3 trailer yesterday,when I went to see 300(one hell of a movie,Gerald Butler is so the man!)that focused alot on Venom. This should be a great season for blockbusters this year:)