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Monday, March 19, 2007

Open letter to the CW,Re:Veronica Mars

Dear CW Network:

As someone who has watched this network back when it was not only as the WB but simply WPIX/Channel 11 in New York(as well as your new ally,UPN),I can confidently state that I've been rather patient and forgiving of certain things that have gone on in the past.

Such things as dropping Buffy the Vampire Slayer in it's fifth season simply due to not wanting to give Joss Whedon and Co. any more money,canceling the spin-off series Angel also in it's fifth season(what is it with you guys and the number 5,honestly? I hope this commitment phobia deal doesn't cross over into your other non-work relationships,but I digress)while keeping Charmed on the air for nine years and don't get me started on that Seventh Heaven musical episode,which should be listed with the Geneva Convention as an inhuman act of torture. I give you Exhibit A:

This latest bit of business against another top notch show cannot be abided;I'm speaking of course about the strong possibility of canceling Veronica Mars. From what I gather,three possible outcomes are in the air-1)revamping the show by setting it four years later,with Veronica as a FBI agent,2) continuing with Veronica in college or 3) canceling the show completely. I know that you're not happy with the ratings and that some of the fans are not thrilled with this season but some of the blame for that belongs to you,CW.

By insisting that there must not be a season-long mystery arc(a hallmark of the show) and plenty of stand alone episodes so that"newcomers could get into it",you sandbagged this series. First off,this is only the third season and unlike Lost or the X-Files,the premise,setting and characters on the show are not that convoluted. Also,if folks want to catch up,there's this thing called DVDs,where you can watch a whole season in one sitting. Many folks get into a new show that way.

And what is the logic behind not having a season-long arc,exactly?"Gee,people will get bored if they don't find out whodunit right away! They won't tune in to find out what happens next!" Again,I must point to Lost,the X-Files and Heroes to show you the error of your ways. Unless your stategy is to program for the ADD demograph or the oversexed male/video gamer market(which explains the Pussycat Dolls Search you so brilliantly put in place of VM during it's hopefully brief hiatus),it just doesn't make sense to me.

Do you want to be known as the punchline of TV show jokes forever? No one's saying you can't have some goofy shows on the docket in order to pay the bills. America's Next Top Model is great fun,just like Deal or No Deal,Dancing with the Stars or American Idol. However,most of the other networks also produce and promote quality shows to round out the viewing diet. Stuff like 24,Ugly Betty and Law & Order:SVU. If all you offer is junk food,you're going to get as much respect as a BBQ chef at a vegan convention.

And let's face it,your list of good shows is dwindling. Gilmore Girls is practically out the door at this point and you might get another season or two from Smallville but what else is there,I ask you? One Tree Hill? Beauty and the Geek? Sure, Supernatural's getting a nice fanbase there and Everybody Hates Chris is nice but most of your lineup is pretty weak,folks. Even USA Network has stronger stuff than that and F/X is kicking your butt in the must-chat-around-the-water-cooler buzz department. Granted,they have a much looser rein on them in terms of content but that's no excuse!

Finally,all I can say is that this is a great show about a smart young woman that deserves to be given more of a chance to reach her true potential. Every show has a troublesome season or two but it's way too soon to put Ms. Mars out to pasture. Here are some examples of how good Veronica Mars is and can be:

Season One Fire Finale:

Veronica,her dad and DNA:

Veronica shows Wallace some Pirate love:

Season Two Finale-Rooftop Showdown:

Season Three Classroom Confrontation:

And one other thing before I go; don't give up on the Veronica in College theme just yet. Part of the appeal of this series is seeing the leading lady grow and develop her mental skills as well as her affairs of the heart. You don't want to alienate those 'shippers out there,trust me on this. Those guys will turn on with such a frenzy that a shark attack looks merciful in comparison.


Lady T and the still supportive Veronica Mars fan club

p.s. Fans of VM,please click the title link above to sign an online petition to keep our show alive!

p.p.s Bring back the original opening credits or make ones better than this!


S2(similar to first season):


Alex Richards said...

Oh my god. You are so so so so SO right. Veronica Mars is one of the few good shows left on TV and the CW is slowly ruining it. I hadn't heard the 4-years-later-FBI rumor, but I don't like it. Seasons 1&2 were brilliant, and the C-dub needs to let them get back into the groove.
And AMEN about the theme song/credits. I cringe when I hear/see them this season. PLEASE go back to the old credits!!!!!
Thanks for the post.

ps-I almost cried watching the Keith/Veronica DNA clip!

pps-and I almost yacked watching the 7th Heaven clip.

lady t said...

You're welcome,Alex and I hope that all the fan support for the show keeps it going for a little longer.

A friend of my sister's taped the Seventh Heaven musical episode and the two of us nearly puked together watching that thing. I just don't get this network sometimes,I swear.