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Friday, April 27, 2007

The latest arrivals to the movie trailer park

Next week is the beginning of May,which has now become the official starting point of the Summer Movie Season. Plenty of previews are buzzing all around us but what are the ones that truly make you want to be in the theater on opening day? Let's take a look at some that have succeeded in catching my eager eye:


Now,this is a trailer! Full of excitement,wonder and some major magical throwdowns,the new HP film is a must-see. Also,it was totally brillant of them to cast Imelda Staunton as Dolores Jane Umbridge,whose villiany rivals even Lord Voldemort's:


Spidey 3 opens up May 4th,and while many might consider it to be overhyped at this point,I don't think it can be hyped enough. True,there's alot of plot points covered in the trailer but this is a pretty complex story that juggles several villians,a marriage proposal,one than one revenge seeker and an alien symbiote to boot. It's almost like a Dickens novel with all of this multiple character layering:


You might think that this Anne Hathaway version of Jane Austen's life would be the mildest movie out this season but plenty of Janeites are already irked at the many liberties taken with the facts here. Nonetheless,I do want see this movie for many other reasons-the excellant cast(Maggie Smith,Julie Walters),the beautiful scenery and the gent playing Tom Lefroy is rather fetching:


Technically,this is a Fall film but the trailer's already being shown now and it's really funny. How can you resist a movie with Christopher Walken as the underground table tennis mastermind,with cameos by Patton Oswalt and Hiro Nakamura himself?:


Yes,this should be called Die Hard 4 and yes,it's another Bruce Willis shoot-'em up but come on now,it wouldn't be a summer movie season without some action movie mayhem ,would it? Besides,if you need someone to kill a helicopter with a car,who's more qualified than John McClane?:


Speaking of action movie mayhem,Matt Damon has a nice little franchise going here with yet another adaptation of Robert Ludlum's novels featuring Jason Bourne,the memorable spy plagued with memory loss. No complaints here,just keep them comin':


Despite the title,this is not a film set in a historical time period. Rather,it's about John Cusack checking into a legendary hotel room that has a one hour time limit before you're driven mad. No shocker that this is an adaptation of a Stephen King short story and it might be as darkly amusing as Secret Window was,with Johnny Depp at the helm. An extra bonus is Samuel L. Jackson as the hotel manager:


America's favorite girl detective is getting another revival as Emma Roberts brings her to life onscreen,with a very modern vibe that feels like old school Disney style. Keep your fingers crossed,this might be the surprise hit of the season:


Christen said...

Yay for summer blockbusters! Harry Potter looks AMAZING!

However, the movie that I am most excited to see is Transformers!!! (They're more than meets the eye!)

lady t said...

I know Transformers will be big at the box office,but I'm more of a GoBots gals,so I'll pass:)

This will a very Harry Potter summer,with the fifth film and the seventh book coming out around the same time. Should be fun!

Pop Culture Diva said...

I'm all about Becoming Jane, Spiderman 3 and Harry Potter. I saw the Nancy Drew trailor before and it looks adorable. I was never a ND girl but she is part of growing up a girl like Judy Blume.