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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So,Madonna,you're a Rock N'Roll Hall of Famer-what are you not going to sing for us next?

Last night,Madonna was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame,along with John Mellencamp(who I still think of as John Cougar Mellencamp) and The Dave Clark Five amongst others. However,she refused to perform any of her songs and had Iggy Pop and the Stooges sing "Ray of Light" and "Burning Up". What is up with that,I'd like to know! It's not like she wasn't able to attend or had any problems with her voice.

I suspect this is just another one of Madonna's attempts to be contrary in public to get folks talking about her yet again. We're used to that by now,but this is the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame,an honor not to be taken lightly. Everyone else who can be there to accept this tribute does perform;Mellencamp did. Also,it's not like anyone objects to her being inducted-love her or hate her,it would be silly to deny the impact she's made on music and the music industry over the past couple of decades.

Well,Mo,if you're not going to give us a musical tribute,then I have no choice but to put together one for you. These may not be the songs that you want folks to instantly think of(not to mention some of your movies)when your name comes up,but maybe you should've thought of that ahead of time,honey!


Something that Madonna is no doubt praying that anyone doesn't ask when seeing her face these days or in the near future. This title tune from her 1987 unfunny film flop was rather catchy and I do like the cartoon Betty Boop-ish version of Madonna that was featured in the opening credits;too bad the rest of the movie went downhill from there:


Madonna's Bond movie song,which was controversial due to her use of Hebrew letters as some sort of personal insignia in the video which ,given her interest in Kabbalah studies,didn't seem very respectful. This song did win her an award,a Golden Raspberry for Worst Song. It's certainly not one of the better Bond inspired theme songs,that's for sure:


I have to admit that I really do like the music"from and inspired by" the movie Dick Tracy,in which Madonna played Breathless Mahoney. One of the songs that was clearly inspired was this passionate plea for a man to"treat me like I'm a bad girl,even when I'm being good to you." I could so make a few jokes about the current sex scandal with Gov. Spitzer right about now:


I'm ashamed to say that the only version of Evita that I've ever seen is the film adaptation with Madonna as the lead. It was not a pleasant experience;I felt like I was being hit by a runaway train both on an audio and a visual level. Madonna may be alot of things but a Broadway style singer she is not:


One of Madonna's latest numbers,where she insists on showing the world just how limber she still is. Hey,it's great that she is in such good physical shape but do we really need to see her mount a boombox like that to prove it? Paris,take a long hard look here-this could be you in twenty years,an old party girl still hitting the clubs. Not a pretty picture,is it?:


As a finale,let us look at one of Madonna's most "WTF?!" videos ever. There's not much of a song being sung here and while you can claim that is simply an excuse for Madonna and her current husband Guy Ritchie to show off their mutual love of shocking audiences,to me,it's just an example of two false fronts reflecting off of one another. Madonna has as much insight into what it feels like for a girl as Daniel Plainview does for the milkshake of human kindness:

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