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Friday, January 16, 2009

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County makes one small step for readers and a giant leap for all of literary kind

In Tiffany Baker's debut novel,The Little Giant of Aberdeen County,a woman starts off the story by reflecting upon a recent death and then gets things going by talking about her unusual birth.

Truly Plaice's mother was so large with child that the folks of Aberdeen back in 1953 were placing bets upon the weight of her newborn(who was presumed to be a boy)as she was in labor. Since the mother died in childbirth,with an oversized girl baby as the result,no one was willing to claim their winnings.

Truly was the complete physical opposite of her older sister,Serena Jane,a delicate blonde beauty with dreams of someday leaving small town life behind and becoming a movie star. Truly had no such illusions,as the largest person in town who was only accepted by other local outsiders like the Dyerson family who took her in after the death of her father and Marcus,the smallest boy in school who also had the biggest brains in class.

Serena Jane's beauty turned out to be what trapped her into a loveless marriage with Robert "Bob Bob" Morgan,the latest descendant of a long line of doctors in Aberdeen. One of the Morgan ancestors was Tabitha Dyerson,a reputed witch and natural healer who married the first Morgan man that came to town and reportedly had a "shadow book" of herbal remedies hidden away from the prying eyes of the menfolk.

Truly and Bob Bob had never gotten along,but when Serena Jane left her husband and eight year old son,Bobbie,to seek out a new life for herself,Truly moves into the Morgan house to help raise her nephew and has to find a way to put up with Bob Bob for the boy's and her sister's sake.

Robert Morgan is quick to adjust to this new situation,thru his regular methods of blackmail and intimidation,plus the added bonus of having exclusive access to detail Truly's medical condition for his own personal and professional motives.

Truly has always been used to going along to get along,but then she discovers a way to finally gain some power of her own,via an old Morgan family quilt that is more meaningful than anyone ever realized.

As she learns to take matters into her own hands,Truly also comes to know that in seeking the way to happiness,sometimes you must pay for it with a mixture of the bitter and the sweet sides to life.

Tiffany Baker creates a number of memorable characters in this homespun tale and she is as successful as a world class magician in making them appear to be as true to life and original beings who have ever graced the pages of any novel.

Her story takes on a strong natural flow that is difficult to pull away from,very much like a river ride that you don't want to end. This may be her first book,but with talent like this,it certainly will not be her last. It's a marvelous must-read for the new year.

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County is practically tailor made for reading groups and well worth splurging on a hardcover for. It's a beautifully written tribute to those seeking their way to inner and outer strength,with a dash of old school magic to liven things up. Perhaps,being a witchy woman has it's advantages:

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Ladytink_534 said...

It sounds very well-done for a debut novel! Great review!