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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Top Chef goes a little bit country,Nip/Tuck,and American Idol is back!

A very special guest judge showed up for the Quickfire this week on Top Chef;Hung,the Season 3 winner. He and Padma were standing in front of a huge covered display(similar to the one for that S3 live fish challenge),which lead the chefs to believe they were getting their own version of Hung's well known Quickfire fish fumble. What they did receive was very different indeed:

After getting over the shock of having to cook with canned foods,the chefs scrambled to put together the best fifteen minute meal. Stefan won the challenge,managing to whip up a nice soup and sandwich combo with Spam.

Why he had to open one of his cans with a huge craving knife,I don't understand(Stefan,surely they have can openers in the TC kitchen!)but he got the immunity,which irked Hoseabig time.

For the Elimination challenge,the chefs went on a field trip to Blue Hill Farm and restaurant,where all of the ingredients are literally farm fresh. A knife pull divided the chefs into teams of three to make a family style meal for the cooks and the farm folk who work there.

Team Chicken was made up of Stefan,Jamie and Carla and they turned out the best plate of the day. There was a choice of either lemon herb roasted chicken or chicken cutlets(a favorite at my house)along with a tomato and onion salad. Stefan and Jamie did clash over the menu(with Carla nervously trying to keep the peace)but things came well for them in the end.

Their only misstep was in serving a chicken ravioli soup that tasted great,but wasn't really "seasonal" as the challenge required. It was a rather hot day,so a cold soup might have been a better selection. Fortunately,the soup was tasty enough to earn all three of Team Chicken's members a win for this round.

Fabio,Jeff and Radhika were Team Pork and the saddest thing about their food was that the only good thing on the plate were the fried green tomatoes that Jeff had made.

Pretty pitiful,for a pork platter. Fabio had drowned his sausage ravioli in pesto sauce and Radhika was singled out for not contributing much to the meal,other than roasting the corn for the salad and helping out with the dessert.

Team Lamb,however,took the sacrifice here,as the duo of lamb was a dud. Hosea and Leah(who are getting very comfy cozy with each other) insisted on the elaborate meat prep and dumped the whole kit and kaboodle on Ariane,despite the fact that she has no experience in butchering lamb and told them so.

During the Judges' Table,both Leah and Hosea sort of threw Ariane under the bus(Leah more so than Hosea,who admitted to knowing plenty about lamb butchering but didn't take over that station),which stunk,in my opinion.

Ariane was not thrilled about teaming up with those two in the first place,since they tend to shut everyone else out when they're together. I understand the whole "going along to get along" deal,but she should've been more forceful about the lamb and made the more experienced person in the group do the butchering. Alas,The Princess of Protein had to pack her knives and go.

Next week,Restaurant Wars! Also,more of Hosea and Leah,in hookup mode. Wonder what Toby Young will say about that?

On Nip/Tuck,Christian and Liz did have sex,in a sympathy sleeper sort of way. I don't know what to make of this just yet.

Christian's chemo treatments have him puking on a regular basis,which has taken a toll on his looks and after a nasty rejection from Kimber(who should know better than to throw karma stones while living in a glass whorehouse)and getting ripped off by a rent-a-gal(Christian,you ought to know better than to trust Craig's List!),Liz stayed the night and seemed to like it.

Meanwhile,Sean's wheelchair faking was discovered by Julia,as she saw him toss out the creepy diaper fetish girl from his class(that chick was freaking me out). Glad to see that they didn't stretch out that bit of plot and that Christian was so kind and understanding about the whole thing.

The next new Nip/Tuck episode will be two weeks in coming(they didn't say why,guess there's some big special or movie that F/X needs the time slot for)and from the previews,it looks like Christian's sexual mojo is back on track.

Don't know how that hookup with Liz will factor into that(I hope not too badly,Liz is one of the nicer characters on this show).

Yes,folks,American Idol is officially back in business,hitting the audition trail. So far,new judge Eve Harrington is doing very well here and may become a future asset to the show in case Miss Paula decides to visit one of the hopeful contestant's grandma to try some of her "crazy pills".

There were tons of awful singers on display,with more to come. One of the best of the worst was this totally out of left field number,which was made all the more precious for being so originally weird:



THE OFFICE: The showdown between Dwight and Andy over Angela will happen tonight and personally,I hope neither one of them ends up with her. She's a rather mean lady when it comes to love and both of those fellas would be much better off without her:

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