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Thursday, March 19, 2009

A.I. goes to the Grand Old Opry,South Park's new superhero and more Legend of the Seeker is on the way

Looks like I spoke too soon about the season one finale of Legend of the Seeker. Turns out that we have a few more episodes to go,with the last one airing around April 25(my birthday,sweet!)-so,my bad on the LOTS info there, folks.

The good news is that there is plenty of great Seeker action heading our way. The latest episode,"Conversion",showed us the flip side of Kahlan's Confessor powers as the evil Darken Rahl and his wizard Giller unwittingly released the "blood rage" within her(known also as the Con Dar)that had Rahl on the run.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the show and/or the books,let me explain.Kahlan has the ability to take over a person's mind and make him or her a devoted slave to her will which also means that the "confessed" can't lie to Kahlan about anything.

Confessors are only able to do this on a one-to-one basis and they use their power strictly as a means of doing good for others. They can also detect the truth in a person's statements without touching them and are frequently employed in settling disputes(I bet Judge Judy would make a great confessor).

Naturally,a power like this is highly desired by the bad guys,so Darken Rahl and Giller try to take the unexpected golden opportunity provided by a captured Kahlan and a set of ancient magic tools to steal her abilities and transfer them to Rahl. Big mistake,boys. What they got instead was reminiscent of the wrath of Dark Willow from season six of Buffy:

That's not the end of the bad girl action on LOTS;the next episode features the return of Mistress Denna,the Mord Sith who nearly broke Richard with her twisted little torture games. To top off the sorcery sundae,there's also a major revelation about Richard's past made as well. The hits just keep on coming for this guy:

The theme for American Idol this week was country music,specifically songs done by members of the Grand Ole Opry.

Most of the performances ranged from pretty good to just okay,with a nice comeback for Anoop due to his great rendition of "You Are Always On My Mind" and a smack to the head for Paula for her advice to Scott about using the piano as a "crutch" and that he needs to be more of a showman on stage.

Hey,Paula,did you forget that he's blind? Simon sure didn't,which is why he called you out on that and rightly so. Sorry to see Alexis go,her "Jolene" number wasn't that bad,in my opinion.

The most unforgettable performance of the night came from Adam Lambert,who did a very goth glam version of "Ring of Fire." I knew that something was up when Adam hit the stage in that Ziggy Stardust outfit of his and that whole bit was so bizarrely brilliant that I'm suspending the Sanjaya awards this week. Instead,I'm saluting Adam with a bonus video of Johnny Cash's "Hurt."

Randy compared Adam's "Ring Of Fire" to Nine Inch Nails doing a country song and it seemed apropos to showcase Cash doing his cover of that particular NIN tune:



South Park did a superhero spoof this week,with Cartman trying to stir up interest in his crime fighting alter ego,The Coon(a raccoon avenger complete with claws)but getting overshadowed by the more seriously minded Mysterion. Professor Chaos and his handy minion General Disarray join into the rivalry,with Cartman naturally being the greater threat to the safety of the town:

Not a big episode,perhaps,but a very amusing one that didn't get into the regular South Park habit of "what did you learn,Dorothy?" Not that I mind that,but this satire on trendy dark heroes made it's points in a much more fun way:


THE AMAZING RACE: The teams were still in Russia this week and they faced one chilling challenge on this leg. The last Roadblock had one member of each team run a mini marathon to the Pit Stop in their underwear.

If the freezing cold temperatures weren't bad enough,the choice of undergarments by several of the contestants was interesting,to say the least. Just proves that all those reminders by your mom about the state of your undies before going out in public are useful after all:

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