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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A.I. boogies down to five,a Sylar-rific Heroes and major mat meltdown on TAR

The Disco Night theme on American Idol this week wasn't as bad as it could've been,but it wasn't the best that the contenders had to offer. Once again,Adam was the standout of the show,with his torch song version of "If I Can't Have You",while others such as Danny and Alison floundered about on stage.

Not shocked to see Allison in the Bottom Three this time;she did try to be original with her slowed down version of "Hot Stuff" but it was lukewarm at best. Also not a shocker to see Lil go home(they did dismiss her rather quickly there)and even not Anoop. I like Anoop but he needs to wean himself off of ballads for awhile.

So,now we have a Top Five and the theme next week is Songs from the Rat Pack. I'm sure that Matt is happy about that,since he seems to think that wearing a hat gives him a singing style. For his lackluster take on "Staying Alive",Matt gets another Sanjaya award to put on his mantle:



Heroes was not subtle this week on who would be the central focus of the episode;Sylar's new shapeshifting ability took quite a toll on his psyche and even had him doing a Norman Bates routine with his deceased stepmother(kudos to Ellen Greene there).

I was worried about Micah's attempts to convince Sylar to become an ally(plus,it looks like the kid gave him a wonderfully awful idea there,unintentionally)but fortunately he got out alive. Not so for the other folks in Gabriel Gray's path to whatever twisted glory he's seeking:

Next week is supposed to be the season finale and it looks like Sylar will be a major player in the events yet to come-sounds great to me!:

Tensions ran high on last Sunday's leg of The Amazing Race,as Margie and Luke got into physical confrontations at the clue boxes with Keisha and Jen that lead to a very ugly verbal throwdown at the check in mat.

In my opinion,both teams behaved poorly and needed a serious time out. While I don't think that Keisha and Jen were laughing at Luke's sign language(it was just nervous,inappropriate laughing that many people do during arguments),they should ease up on the aggressive approach to every challenge. You don't need to use a boulder to crush an ant hill,ladies.

Also,Margie was just being instigating by letting her son know about the "bitch" comment right away(she should have waited until later to deal with that)and being way too defensive and overprotective of him. Yes,Luke is deaf but that is not an excuse for him to act up and lose control. Funny how Victor and Tammy started off as the dysfunctional duo and now,they're the good kids on the block!:


LEGEND OF THE SEEKER: Five more new episodes of this funtastic sword and sorcery series are coming our way,starting this weekend. My birthday is this Saturday and one of the gifts I'm looking forward to is watching this new one called "Mirror",which seems to hold quite a few surprises indeed:

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