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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Will the Wolverine movie be worth all of this fuss?

Over the last couple of weeks,there has been a lot of clamor about the leaked footage of the upcoming X-Men Origins:Wolverine film online. One guy has lost his job due to reviewing the movie at the Fox news website(not smart,my man) and many fans are outraged over reports of changes made to one of the characters,Dead Pool.

I can understand the concerns of the fans-tweaking a well loved comic book character's abilities and/or altering their costume is not a step to be taken lightly. The trailers have shown a clip of Emma Frost(a telepathic villianess who took part in a number of bad guy groups within the X Men realm)whipping out some diamond coating power,which made me pause. I did a little research and it turns out that she does have that in her bag of tricks(a "secondary" ability,if you will).

Based on that,I'm wondering if the info about Dead Pool is accurate. From what little I have read about the movie,part of the plot involves a mutant called Weapon XI,who has been given various powers from others of his kind due to a bout of mad scientist tinkering. Maybe some of the folks who saw the raw version of the movie had trouble telling him apart from Dead Pool(the special effects were not fully applied to the leaked edition of the movie).

Then again,this isn't the first time that the X Men movies have played fast and loose with some of the characters. We've had Mystique running around stark naked,Rogue falling in love with Ice Man and don't get me started on what happened to Lady Deathstrike,I beg of you.

Yet,the saving grace has always been the quality of the films(pretty debatable for X3,I grant you)and perhaps that may turn the tide here. If the Wolverine movie truly gives the audience some excellent bang for their buck,questions such as "How come Liev Schreiber replaced Tyler Mane as Sabretooth?" and "Why is Cyclops in this movie when according to the time line,he hasn't met Wolverine yet?" will either be answered or not a big deal by the time the end credits roll.

Hopefully,this will sort itself out at the box office as it should be. Not that making money makes a troubled film any better,but seeing the legitimate version of a highly anticipated one can settle many of these disputes. Of course,playing nice has it's downside as well,even in the pop culture world:

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