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Friday, June 12, 2009

Movie Parodies A-Go-Go

In these tough economic times,many pop culture luxuries have to fall by the wayside. One of those taken for granted pleasures is seeing a movie during it's first run in theaters;whether it's a sneak preview or just even a matinee showing on opening weekend,that thrill of soaking up some shiny new cinema sweetness must be either savored in limited doses or not at all.

However,that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a good laugh that's currently pop culture savvy. Selected for your amusement and approval by the LRG Committee for Much Needed Comedy Relief are several parodies of recent major motion pictures,plus a few flicks that are available at a Netflix queue near you. Make yourselves some popcorn and let's start the show:

The low number of superhero themed films this season haven't kept Just Some Random Guy down;his merry band of Marvel/DC players have been making some smirktastic potshots at the major boxoffice moneymakers of the Summer '09 circuit,starting with the Star Trek reboot:


The Randomverse didn't stop there;their look at Terminator:Salvation not only ripped that franchise's cliches but poked some fun at the debatable success of the Wolverine movie as well:


Their latest clip is a mash-up of three new movies that have been getting decent reviews and some respectable profits,quite a rarity in movie release history:


For a taste of last year's superhero summer madness,the folks at Sock Tube Presents have on deck Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. Seeing big league films done by sock puppets really gives you a new perspective on things.

I give you fair warning,tho;Sock Tube productions are spoiler heavy,so if you haven't seen this movie yet(it's pretty good,actually)and want to be surprised,skip this one. For the rest of you out there,even if you liked HB2,you'll find plenty to giggle over and admit to yourself that well,they do have a point there:

For a blast from the past,check out this classic In Living Color look at 1989's Lean On Me that sends controversial principal Joe Clark to a beauty school that needs a serious makeover(that might actually make a good reality series for Bravo,oh wait,they already have that,thanks to Tabatha!):

Recut movie trailers are a great way to reimagine your favorite films and discover just how easy it is to tweak them over to the dark side.

For example,You've Got Mail is a much loved romantic comedy that delights it's fans with wit,book talk and love of all things New York(and in my opinion,Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are at their best together in this movie,even better than Sleepless in Seattle). In the hands of another director/writer,however,this charming little love story could have become a sinister stalker in cyberspace flick-find that hard to believe? Then watch this:

On the funny flip side,see how Stephen King's Misery could have become a romance for the ages:

To wrap this laugh track up,here's a Twilight parody that moves to the beat of a different drum and takes a couple of rim shots at High School Musical as well. The makers of this parody are planning on a New Moon follow-up that should be worth the wait,regardless of which teen related series you're a fervent fan of:

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