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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flipping thru some of the fantasies for Fall'09 TV

While fans of fantasy are beating the heat by cooling off in front of their TVs with the likes of True Blood,Merlin and repeats of The Ghost Whisperer during these dreary dog days of August,there are plenty of fresh new delights awaiting them from networks both regular and cable this fall.

There's a wide variety of genres for folks to choose from,with some familiar favors being revived along side a set of spicy switch-ups that may or may not be to everyone's liking. For your viewing pleasure,check this small sampler of strange things yet to come on the small screen:


A show with a set of built-in fans(and those who will be foes),The Vampire Diaries stars Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder as vampire brothers who have returned to their home town after hundreds of years only to wind up fighting over a local girl named Elena(Nina Dobev)who bears a striking resemble to the bloodsucking babe that sired them long ago.

The series is based on a set of YA books by L.J. Smith and while some may be doing a bit of comparing and contrasting with the Twilight saga,I think it's best to judge this on it's own merits. The fan base being counted seems to include both guys and gals with very gothy tastes;let's hope that it measures up(September 10):




ABC is going for the retro vibe by remaking a couple of well known fantasy series,one of which has been tried twice already and found wanting both times. That would be Eastwick,loosely based on the John Updike book and film adaptation about a trio of frustrated suburbanite gals who accidentally called on trouble in the form of a devilishy charming stranger.

This time around,Rebecca Romijn,Lindsey Price and Jamie Ray Newman are the witchy women in question with Paul Gross as Darryl Van Horne. Who knows,perhaps the third time around will be the charm(September):

The other revived series is V,which started out it's TV life as a pair of miniseries and a spin off show that didn't last long. One of the behind the scenes people who brought this updated version about also worked on the summer sci-fi series The 4400,which explains why of the lead actors,Joel Gretsch, from that show is on this one.

The premise is the same;a mysterious set of spaceships come to earth filled with human looking aliens who promise to bring peace and prosperity to us. Of course,things are not always what they seem and a resistance movement starts to grow in order to fight the threat that not everyone is aware of just yet. How this will measure up to the original remains to be seen(November):


Heroes will be back for a fourth season and I know that interest in this show has waxed and waned over time but I'm not giving up on it yet.

There were several convoluted plot points last season that are poised to be unraveled here and we may get some good TV out of this. Plus,the addition of the carnival folk and the reemergence of Sylar from his mental prison and shapeshifted body should be worth some fireworks(September 21):

Legend of the Seeker was granted a second season,and the plot lines this time will follow the story set up in Stone of Tears,the next book in Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series.

While there are new enemies and dangers to face,there will be a few familiar faces on deck and note to Whedonverse fans,Charisma Carpenter is confirmed in a guest spot role as Triana,a Mord Sith(for those who don't know,Mord Siths are magical maidens of pain). If you haven't seen this show,please take the time to catch up on it,you won't be sorry(November 7):

Well,I hope that there was at least one or two on this mystical menu to entice you for the upcoming fall fantasy shows this year. Just keep one thing in mind as you do so,folks: own your weirdness. Denial of such fare to outsiders only leaves you vulnerable to endless mocking,more than you would've gotten from being straight forward about your fandom:

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