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Monday, July 19, 2010

Could Jar of Hearts be our true song of the summer?

The newest pop song sensation is a tune that was first released on iTunes but received more airplay as the background music for one of the teams on a recent episode of this season's So You Think You Can Dance.

Christina Perri and her ballad of heartbreak,"Jar of Hearts" is climbing the Billboard charts as we speak,selling like hotcakes online, and now is reportedly on the verge of signing on with a major music label.

This is quite the Cinderella tale,with only a few weeks ago Perri was waiting tables at a cafe to her becoming the surprise success story on the music scene this summer. Plus,as an added bonus,Perri appears to be a talented musician as well:

Not that I mind a little bubble gum pop music once in a while but there's a vast difference between lighthearted and empty headed there,in my opinion.

Sadly,Katy Perry's big hit of the season,California Gurls,falls face first into the latter and even tho she may be laughing all the way to the bank,plenty of people are laughing at her(not with)on the satirical sidelines as she does so:

Some might be recalling the meteoric rise to fame that Susan Boyle experienced over a year,due to an unexpected TV appearance,and how that seemed to quickly overwhelm her to the point of needing some medical care. However,the circumstances of this situation are rather different.

Christina Perri is a young artist who's been actively seeking a music career and the recipient of one of those big breaks that many of her peers are no doubt an Incredible Hulk shade of green with envy over. Susan was a more reserved person who was thrust into the limelight(and some nasty criticism about her looks)which is hard to handle for someone even if they've being preparing for that moment of fame for a long time.

However,the risk factor for Perri to be undone in this fashion is possible and hopefully she has some good friends and professional advisers on hand to help her sort things out. Susan managed to bounce back just fine after awhile but with any luck, Christina Perri won't have to go through a similar sensory overload:

So,let us keep our fingers crossed for Christina Perri to have other great songs to delight the world with and keep her feet on the ground as she reaches for the stars(Casey Kasem was corny but right about that little food nugget of thought).

Most important to her future career is making the right deal that guides her to steady song waters instead of a one hit wonder whirlpool.

Granted,it's a huge cliche about singers selling their souls and voices for a shot at the main stage but with so many sad real life examples out there to fill up more VH1 "Where are they now?" specials,taking a firm stance with potential recording studios and mentors might be in her best interest. Otherwise,there may be truly hell to pay and no one wants to see that happen here:

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Ladytink_534 said...

I love Cinderella stories like this! This is the first time I've heard it but I'm very impressed! Jar of Hearts is a lovely song.

The Key of Awesome is so much fun.