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Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Movie Parody Party!

As Memorial Day weekend begins,so does the official parade of potential blockbuster films into multiplexes across the nation. While times are still tough out there, catching a bargain matinee showing in air conditioned surroundings can be your best bet for no frills entertainment on a budget.

With that in mind,I have assembled some amusing takes on our current crop of summer movie offerings to either encourage you on the way into the theater or to offer a bit of comedy consolation for those of us resorting to Netflix for our new film fix.

First on the hit list is Thor,which has been conquering the box office with such zeal these past couple of weeks. No doubt that this mega Marvel of a film will continue to make strides,profit wise,even with the likes of The Hangover 2 to compete with this weekend.

Conan O'Brien's take on Thor has been rather skeptical,based mainly on the trailers he's been watching. For some strangely silly reason,he has trouble buying the actor cast in the lead role as the right man for the job. I don't get it,he sounds great to me!:

Next, the Marvel/DC gang at It's Just Some Random Guy's parody palace are ready to mock the big summer movies,with a little help from some spiked milkshakes served up to Spiderman(don't ask,it's a standard gag a here).

Up on the chopping block and made to walk the plank is Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,which looks a lot better than the actual made to order sequel that's already sailing the cinema seas:

For X-Men: First Class,an enterprising online editor has taken the trailer's soundtrack and mixed it with an amusing array of clips from the Star Wars saga. The results are tasty,in a peanut butter and chocolate kind of way that induces more of a smile than a smirk.

This is still good parody fun,nonetheless. It's also funny and a little scary just how well these two sci-fi/fantasy franchises play well together:

Finally,the Random Guy gang has prepared for your family friendly fare their version of Kung Fu Panda,whose sequel is unreeling at theaters as we speak. It also takes a few shots at the upcoming Green Lantern flick as well,which as Indiana Jones would say,I have a bad feeling about this with Ryan Reynolds at the forefront here:

Have a good Memorial Day weekend,folks and I'll see you all next Tuesday. Hopefully by the end of this summer,we will be able to look back at the movies from this season and rejoice in the silver screen goodness granted to us by Hollywood.

Realistically, the nominating committee for the Razzies will have too many candidates to choose from. Oh well,mocking movies is just as good for reviving our sagging cinematic spirits:

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