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Monday, May 16, 2011

Will comic book fans be having a DC delightful or a truly Marvelous cinematic summer?

At this point early on in the summer movie season,when it comes to the comic book adaptation division, Marvel is starting off with quite the edge here. Thor is now two for two in topping the box office charts and even with a mixed variety pack of reviews,most of the feedback for this film has been on the positive side.

Thor,however,is only the first wave of comic book cinematic assault. Coming very soon to a theater near you,X Men: First Class takes the prequel approach by setting their story during the turbulent days of the early 1960s,when Professor X and Magneto originally met as young men. They soon discover how much they really have in common but their differing stances on how to use their power soon leads them down different paths of destiny.

Granted,the prequel/sequel route has not been kind to this series yet this movie appears to be more grounded in the actual lore of the comics rather than a loosey-goosey attempt to pump up the film franchise(sorry,Wolverine,this means you!). Not to mention that being able to recast these familiar roles with a newer set of actors is coming across as a true breath of fresh air to what could easily be a stale formula film:

The last of the big three Marvel movies to hit the multiplex this season will be Captain America:The First Avenger,with former Fantastic Four leading man Chris Evans leading the charge.

The plot is pure origin story,taking the audience right back to WWII,as puny wannabe soldier Steve Rogers volunteers for an experimental treatment that transforms him into a nearly invincible muscle man ready to do battle for his country.

You have to give some kudos to the powers that be here for not coping out and changing the time period to modern day. It's best to keep such an iconic figure as Captain America as true to his roots as possible in translation. Also,casting a guy like Chris Evans(who has already proven to fit into the Marvelverse like a glove on film)in such a part that requires presence, but not an overwhelming one,shows the confidence that's needed to make folks fill those seats on opening weekend:

The most that DC has to offer us this summer is Green Lantern,which I wish I could be more confident about. The character does deserve a great big screen debut and spreading the focus of the film over to the Guardians of Oa and their home world is the right artistic direction to be going in,yet one thing gives me pause-Ryan Reynolds.

My doubt is mainly due to Reynolds as Hal Jordan,the first of many men to be chosen as Earth's Green Lantern representative. Hal is a very old school tried and true hero type,unlike later candidates such as the super snarky Guy Gardiner or creative artist Kyle Rayner.

Reynolds is hard to take seriously in most of his other movies and he especially doesn't inspire any so far,from what I've seen in the trailers. Hell, he was better suited to play Deadpool in that Wolverine flick and there are plenty of fans who would love to see him reprise that role instead of suiting up here:

Perhaps I'm being too hasty in thinking that Marvel stands a better chance in dominating the comic book movie realm. After all, might does not make right.

However,it would be nice if DC could tighten up their super hero stories on film and interlock them together in the interest of silver screen glory like their Marvel counterparts seem to be doing. Maybe that will happen someday, if the audience shows them that's the way to their hearts and wallets. Regardless,when it comes to super heroes,the more the merrier whether DC or Marvel:

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