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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Some sweet song suggestions for same sex couples in New York to walk down the aisle to

Late last Friday,New York became the sixth state in our nation to sign into law the rights for gay couples to marry. As a resident of this great state myself,I am pleased as punch to witness such a wonderful landmark event within my lifetime. Particularly one that will bring so much joy in so many deserving lives.

With many folks out there scrambling to put together a wedding by the time the bill is officially passed,I thought the best help I could offer was of a pop culture nature.

So, I made a list of songs that would definitely put a little spring into any bride or groom's step as they head down the aisle or share that first dance of the evening at the reception. After all,pop culture flair goes with everything as well as every theme:

"I DO,I DO,I DO"- Granted,this song can be a bit of a cliche but that's what makes most weddings work. This can be used for a number of themes other than an All-ABBA one. A 1970s motif,a salute to the film Muriel's Wedding(Toni Collette looked smashing in her final dress)or a Swedish style of nuptials,this tune suits them all:

"KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF"- A countrified pop song might not seem ideal at first for a big city wedding but there are plenty of places in upstate NY that this notable one hit wonder wouldn't sound too off key.

The good humor in the lyrics and the hard to resist beat would only add to the fun,especially if you score a sweet outdoor locale:

"SOMEBODY'S GETTING MARRIED"- What could be more New York that this enchanting number from The Muppets Take Manhattan? You've got a nice Broadway vibe here and with a new Muppet film on the horizon this fall,the timing couldn't be better.

Also,this song is perfect for anyone wanting to do a flash mob moment at your ceremony. There's always someone in your group of family or friends that is just dying to perform in public and this way,you can give them a part(especially if that person doesn't have the greatest voice there)in the proceedings that shouldn't upstage the whole thing:

"MARRIAGE HAS COME TO TOWN"-Another gem for the flash mob theme,with the added bonus of an excuse to create a Bollywood movie romance musical for your special day.

There are other lovely songs from the soundtrack of Bride and Prejudice but this number was used twice in the film,which gives it extra emphasis for being first choice. Since the movie is a modern day interpretation of the classic Jane Austen novel,you'll also have the Janeites in your corner on this one:

"WHITE WEDDING"- The ultimate Goth cliche,I know but if you're going for that look,why not select the best? This also works for a retro 80's theme as well as about every horror movie based one.

I personally would chose this song for a vampire wedding,since Billy Idol's urban punk persona was a part of the inspiration for Spike,the best bad boyfriend that Buffy the Vampire Slayer ever had(also,the soundtrack for the original Lost Boys would be awesome,too). Aside from my geek girl interests,White Wedding would be marvelous even if you decided on a Tim Burton motif for the entire party:

Whatever song you finally decide upon for your wedding,the most important thing to keep in mind is that it should be one that holds special meaning for you and your intended. It doesn't necessarily have to be a grand spotlight number such as the song you both heard on your first date or the tune that you proposed to(or were proposed to). Sometimes,the best memories are marked by those small but significant moments that truly resonate within a loving relationship for all time:

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