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Friday, December 23, 2011

Have a happy holiday with the LRG Jingle Bell Jukebox!

As some of you may know,we here at LRG like to set up a selection of appropriate seasonal music for folks to enjoy during their holiday time. With this being the day before the night before Christmas(not to mention in the midst of Hanukkah),our turntables are ready to spin:

First up is Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You",which received a nice revival this year due to a homemade video of British naval officers celebrating the news of their holiday shore leave with this song. It is a peppy little number that puts you in the proper festive mood and gets your toes tapping on the dance floor as well:

Next,we have Adam Sandler's tribute to the Festival of Lights with "The Hannukah Song". This rendition is the third edition of the delightful humorous tune with back up by the Dre-Dels and a special guest appearance by SNL Rob Schneider.

This version was made for the soundtrack of Sandler's 2002 animated film,Eight Crazy Nights, which is more for grown-ups than for kids but if you're a fan of National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation or Bad Santa,is probably worth a look :

Speaking of movie related songs,this holiday number from The Kinks,"Father Christmas" was used to promote the 2006 Christmas themed comedy Unaccompanied Minors. The song is rather cynical for the season,which suited this film just fine(movie goers,not so much).

However,with the uncertainty of the times right now,I think this song will find a place amongst those who feel the need to keep their protesting spirit alive during the holiday season. Yep,I can hear this being sung at an Occupy rally or two:

For a less abrasive approach to tough times,check out the title ditty from the 1986 TV movie,"A Smoky Mountain Christmas" starring Dolly Parton as a famous country singer who hides out from her demanding public in a cabin near Tennessee's Smoky Mountains(hence the name of the movie).

Dolly stumbles across a pack of orphans avoiding the authorities and they agree to hide out together. Their holiday adventures include the wrath of a jealous mountain witch, a stalker/photographer and a crusty fella named Mountain Dan(Lee Majors) who teams up with Dolly in order to save the kids and Christmas.

In this clip,Dolly is singing to the children while Mountain Dan does a little reluctant bonding. I sincerely hope one of the cable channels shows this gem over the holiday weekend,it sounds like a made for MST3K special:

For a jazzy update on a classic,here's Lady GaGa with her take on "White Christmas" from her Thanksgiving special.

Some people took a bit of umbrage with her adding on a new stanza about a snowman,but,hey isn't an artist supposed to bring his/her own touch to a standard work to make it fresh there? Let's just mellow out and enjoy this with a nice cup of cocoa and some cookies for Santa:

Merry Christmas,Happy Hanukah,a Joyous Kwanzza and a Splendid Boxing Day(which is next Monday)to one and all. I'll see you here before the New Year(with a collection of tunes to ring out 2011 in style)and our playlist closes with a favorite video of mine,this charming lip sync of the Waitresses' "Christmas Wrapping".

It has everything;blinking lights,tooth pick animation and a Jenna Fischer lookalike(in my opinion). How could you not love this? Have fun with your loved ones,folks-that's the best part of this whole holiday season and the best reason for having it in the first place:

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