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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Next Iron Chef offers some savory simplicity,a TAR Team is robbed and some Downton Abbey previews

Since Thanksgiving is tomorrow,my regular TV Thursday coverage is being presented today(and happy Turkey Day to one and all!),so let's get this show on the road with The Next Iron Chef.

This week's theme was Simplicity and the first thing that the chefs did for this challenge was to have photo portraits taken at a local Farmer's Market. Then back at the studio,Alton Brown announced that they would be divided into teams of two and each person was to create a one bite dish that reflected their teammate's personality.

Chef Mehta,as the winner of the last round,was allowed to select the pair-ups and he chose Spike for himself. That went well for Mehta but the bacon wrapped shrimp that Spike made as a portrait of him didn't sit well with the judges.

However,it was Mehta who wound up in the Bottom Four this time,along with Marcel,Eric Greenspan and Elizabeth Falkner(she lands in the bottom too often here,not good!). Their Secret Ingredient Showdown gave them breakfast cereal to work with and they had to use both cereal,Raisin Bran and Rice Krispies.

Personally,I don't think that either one of those cereals was so bad to have as the secret ingredient but then again,I'm not a chef. Greenspan was the one to go home,due to his tuna not being able to hold up well. I'm just glad that we still have three ladies in the game and still rooting for Chef Alex to take it home:

When we last left James and Abba(Team Rockers) on The Amazing Race,they were still in need of a passport to complete their run.

Since they were the last ones at the Pit Stop,Phil informed them that this was a non-elimination leg and they could continue the race but had to track down or get a new passport in order to move on to the next country.

As the other teams went off to do their tasks in Moscow,Team Rockers did all that they could to get a hold of either the cab that took off with their stuff or get a new passport. Dealing with the bureaucracy was harder than running the race but they did what they were able to do before going back out to finish the leg:

Sadly,James and Abba came in last again and were eliminated from the race. I'm sure that they made it back to the States safe and sound but it was such a shame to see them go like this.

Granted,it was foolish of them to leave their backpacks in the cab yet that is the sort of thing that can happen to anybody and on top of their money being swiped by Team Twinnie(with help from Trey and Lexi),this was a rotten cherry to be placed on their bad luck sundae.

Sorry,guys but you at least have your honor and dignity as a true reward,unlike some of your former competitors. It would have good of the powers that be on TAR to have penalized the twins for their misdeed but perhaps,karma will be delivering some serious payback on them(and Trey and Lexi,too!)soon:

This upcoming Sunday,PBS will be airing a behind the scenes special about Downton Abbey,where fans can learn more of what goes into recreating a manor house and it's occupants. The show is also a kick-off to a replay of Season Two in order to whet our appetites for the third season which begins in January of 2013.

This should be fun,as both the cast and crew have a lot to share about the technical details of the series as well as the highs and lows of the characters. Not to mention how exhausting it is to pretend to eat freshly prepared food over and over again:

If you miss the special on Sunday,it is bound to turn up later on next week on a PBS station near you. *sigh* If only January could arrive faster!:


THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: The Salvatores are taking Turkey Day off but will be back on November 29 to continue their love feud over Elena. Seems as if the ball is truly in Damon's court this time around and about time,I say!:

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