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Monday, March 18, 2013

Setting up the superhero section of the movie trailer park

The summer movie season is still several months away,yet the hype for superhero film fare is hitting us at a fast and furious pace. Once again,DC and Marvel will be squaring off at the multiplexes for their conquest of the box office,with the only other challenge being an unexpected sequel to rise up from the ranks.

First up,however,on our docket is the newest reboot of the Superman franchise simply titled Man of Steel. Henry Cavill dons the red cape and bright blue suit as the adult Clark Kent/Kal-el with Amy Adams being the Lois Lane at his side.

The casting is pretty impressive here,with Kevin Costner as Pa Kent,Russell Crowe as Jor-El,Laurence Fishburne playing Perry White and yes,folks,we do have General Zod(Michael Shannon) as well.

 There's no word on the plot lines just yet but it does seem to be a touch of Smallville angst in the mix,judging by the scenes of Clark struggling with his powers as a teen in the current trailer. With Zack Snyder at the directing helm,hopes are sky high for this to be the definitive Superman saga and I for one am keeping my fingers crossed tight:

Marvel is coming forth with their now standard multiple movie releases,which include a Thor follow-up and a fresh reboot for Wolverine. However,the main target for cinematic attention is Iron Man 3,with Robert Downey Jr. reprising his role as Tony Stark,less than a year after the triumph of The Avengers movie.

A major behind the scenes change is Shane Black in the director's chair(Jon Favreau,who directed the first two IM flicks,decided to take a producer's back seat on this one). Since Black is no stranger to mounting up big action films and he also co-wrote on this one, the switch might be a good thing here.

The Big Bads of this entry are Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin(who is not being portrayed as Chinese in order to negate any stereotyping,thank goodness)and Guy Pierce as a mad scientist type that unleashes a deadly virus that could destroy our hero better than any high tech weapon. Third time is supposed to be the charm,so let's keep a good thought for this final piece of the trilogy puzzle:

A truly pleasant surprise is the long awaited sequel to 2010's Kick Ass,which has it's cult following to thank for Kick Ass 2. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is back as the title good guy and Chloe Grace Moretz reprises her role as the legendary Hit Girl,along with a whole new crew of heroes and villains to face off against.

One of their allies is Colonel Stars and Stripes,played by Jim Carrey,who may steal the show here,along with the return of wannabe bad guy Red Mist(Christopher Mintz-Plasse) who claims a new evil moniker to match his thirst for revenge.

 As a fan of the first film,I wasn't sure if another one would be made despite how awe to the some Kick Ass was but sometimes,the little guys do get the win they deserve and with any luck, this will have been worth the wait:

So,it looks like we're heading for a another superhero summer,folks. Who will come out on top of the box office heap(and actually be a good movie in the bargain) is too soon to call. Then again,if it's anything like last year's crop of superhero flicks,we may be in for a real wild ride in the best sense of the term(not to mention being opening weekend worthy of our dwindling dollars these days):

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