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Thursday, March 28, 2013

TAR teams feel the pinch,Worst Cooks show off their skills and Katherine returns to The Vampire Diaries

The latest leg of The Amazing Race took the teams to Botswana,where they had to work with a group of Kalahari Bush men to complete both the Roadblock and Detour challenges.

 The Roadblock had one person learn how to dig up a scorpion and place it in a jar. Most of the contenders were pretty squeamish about this one,particularly Joey from Team YouTube,who gave the locals quite a bit of laughs with over his over the top antics about the whole thing:

The Detour was a choice between building a snare and starting a fire,with most folks switching to the snare after failing to catch a spark. Max and Katie seemed to struggle the hardest with the fire,mainly due to being disgusted with the materials they had to work with.

If the two of them had spent a little less time with their gross-out feelings(manure happens to be an excellent source of fuel,btw) and more on the game,they might not have come in last place for this leg. Hope you get over those delicate sensibilities soon,folks-things are only going to get messier from here on out:

It was down to the Final Four on Worst Cooks in America, with Rasheeda and Susan for Chef Anne's team and Chet and Alina representing Bobby Flay. For their last Skill Drill,the teams had to instruct their teachers on how to prepare an entree.

 They had to communicate over microphones and figure out what was in the dish by looking over an actual completed serving. The team who helped their mentor create the closest version of the original would win:

It was a tight finish,but the victory went to Chef Anne's recruits. Then,family and friends of the chef contenders came out for the last Main Dish challenge. Each team had to prepare a meal(Chef Anne assigned pasta,Bobby gave his crew chicken) for their loved ones as a blind tasting test.

Rasheeda's twin sister and Susan's son were able to guess which dish their kinfolk made but Bobby's bunch reversed sides on this one. Alina wound up winning this round(I think the extra butter she used for her chicken cutlet paid off) and Rasheeda will be joining for the finale this upcoming Sunday:

 If I had to bet on the outcome,my money would be on Rasheeda. She's put in some serious effort in improving her culinary skills,plus Chef Anne has not been a three time winner for nothing here. On the other hand, Bobby Flay is no slouch in the kitchen but Alina's tendency to go free range with her cooking methods may sink that ship for him. Either way,it'll be worth watching:

Katherine will be returning to Mystic Falls on The Vampire Diaries tonight,with Elijah also back in town,most likely in his case to stop Silas from releasing all kinds of hell on earth.Katherine's motives are far more self centered,as she seems willing to negotiate some sort of trade for the elusive cure.

Rebekah has made no bones about wanting to become human again,while Elena in her newly emotionless state is happy to let anyone else but her take the cure. Regardless of who gets it,the main thing is that Silas doesn't want it until the pesky section of the other side is wiped out and that is not good for anybody mortal or immortal.

Rebekah's desire for regaining the mortal life she never got to fully enjoy makes her even more vulnerable to manipulation,in my opinion,despite her snide shows of strength to others. If I were Silas,I would be focusing on recruiting her as an assistant than Klaus(who doesn't like to be threatened) in this end game but we shall soon see how all of that turns out:


GAME OF THRONES: The season three premiere is coming to us sooner than winter is to Westeros and enemies are lining up on all sides to keep the power struggles going. If you thought last year was tough,just wait until the real showdowns begin:

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