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Thursday, June 13, 2013

GOT's S3 finale,A couple of Mad Men stunners and The American Baking Competition takes the cake

Game of Thrones ended it's third season on a rather mixed note,as we saw who was really behind the plans for the Red Wedding(no shock,Tywin Lannister),Jon making it back to Castle Black with a few departing arrows from Ygritte for his trouble and Theon getting a new name,plus the chance of rescue from his little sister.

Since this season is only the first half of the third book,A Storm of Swords,the karmic repercussions of what the Lannisters and their allies have sown won't be reaped until next year(trust me when I say,however, that there will be blood).

Yet, Arya did get the chance to strike a early blow in that road to revenge. As she and the Hound were fleeing the scene of the Red Wedding(sadly, not before getting a glimpse of the desecration of her brother Robb's body), they came across a group of Frey banner men sharing a few laughs about the whole thing. Her surprise attack was greatly helped by a rather surprised Hound and will set the tone for what will come of her in the very near future:

The one literally uplifting moment on the episode was reserved for Dany,who was uneasy about the reception she would get from the freed slaves of Yunkai. Fortunately, she took the right approach when speaking to them and they truly greeted her with open arms.

Well,there's plenty to look forward to for next season and I do hope those of you disenchanted by the Red Wedding will tune in to see the show in 2014. Take a page out of Dany's book and be ready to appreciate the good times whenever they come on this hard road to Westeros:

There were a couple of serious shake-ups on Mad Men this week,as Sally caught her father "comforting" Sylvia and their relationship will never be the same again.

Sally was staying with Don and Megan(along with a friend of hers named Janice) in order to attend Diplomacy Club. The girls happened to meet Mitchell,Sylvia's son who desperately needed a draft deferment.

 Don was moved enough by Sylvia's plight to help her out and during their thank you session, Sally walked in,looking for a mash note that mischievous Janice had slipped under the door. That poor girl,between her hot and cold emotional mother and this betrayal of trust by her father,she's pretty much destined for some kind of big league rebellion. Chances are,it'll be a really bad boyfriend sure to upset both sets of parents but we shall see.

Meanwhile,Pete went through his own anxieties about parental roles as his delusional mother insisted that she was getting more than the usual care from her male nurse Manolo.

 Since Manolo had been recommended by Bob Benson, Pete went to him to take care of the situation and received an unexpected offer of affection. I've said from the start that Bob is an Eve Harrington( meaning, a seemingly devoted follower who wants to replace their idol) and now we know who his Margo Channing is. There's only two more episodes left, so let's see where this is going to take us,folks:

On The American Baking Competition, the tasty theme was cake and for the Show Stopper round,it was all about "surprise inside" cakes.

For some contestants like Colette,it was a make or break situation and for others such as James,it was a chance to show off their tech skills(too bad his was over baked,the layers of earth look came out well).

 Flavor was also an issue for most of the cakes but Elaine managed to have both for her win as Star Baker this time. Next week, bread is the name of the game and apparently,Brian is going to have the nerve to ask why he's not Star Baker yet(seriously?). For now,anyway, things are as sweet as they can be:


HGTV STAR: Formerly known as Design Star,the competition for those looking to host their own HGTV program is back for another season and we've got quite the cast of characters on deck. It's too soon to tell who has front runner potential but the game playing amongst the designers has already begun:

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