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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Top Chef builds up appetites,Sleepy Hollow's sister act and American Horror Story enters the Coven

No sooner had the contenders on Top Chef completed their first Elimination Challenge before they were tasked to begin their first Quickfire of the season.

 They had to make a gumbo that reflected their background and since that dish takes a good long while to stew to achieve the right flavors, their start time was that night,with fifteen minutes at the TV kitchen to finish up the next morning.

The gumbo offerings were judged by renowned local legend Leah Chase,who gave her honest yet polite opinions about the food. Contestant Jason seemed particularly miffed when she didn't like his version of gumbo(the beets would have been better if he had made it into a borscht) but the lady speaks from knowledge there.

The winner of this challenge was Carrie,who really made an unusual gumbo combo.

 She blended her Iowan roots with those of her Trinidadian husband and created a coconut with green mango brew with a corn crumble that not only earned her immunity but high praise from Leah Chase(who compared it to a dish she makes on Holy Thursdays). Nice going,Carrie!

Then  New Orleans chef Susan Spicer arrived to announce the next Elimination Challenge,which was to form food truck teams that would serve lunch to Habitat for Humanity volunteers.

Padma broke up the chefs into groups,depriving us of a now traditional TC knife pull(which we'll be getting at some point,I'm sure) and for the most part,the chefs got along to make great food for these folks who are still rebuilding the city after Katrina.

Out of the four food truck packs,Team Yellow was deemed the best and sent to the winner's circle

. A good reason for that was the tilapia tacos whipped up by Aaron and Carlos that had a chipolte aoli with cabbage. The judges also enjoyed the shrimp ceviche that Carlos put out as well.

The overall win,however,went to Carrie. She turned out a great pie crust for the empanadas filled with beef and pork curry from Aaron that really helped make that dish retain it's freshness.

Making a fresh pie crust on a food truck is no easy task yet Carrie committed herself fully to it,even using a chilled wine bottle as a makeshift rolling pin. Nice streak you're on,Carrie,keep it up!

Team Blue wound up on the Bottom,with a number of dishes that could've gone right yet were all so wrong. Bret made a coconut ceviche with scallops and red snapper chips that were so hot,Judge Gail had a hard time picking it up to eat.

The temperature of the fish threw off the chill that the ceviche was supposed to have,which made it stick out like a sore thumb in comparison to similar servings from other teams.

The one who went home(or at least off to Last Chance Kitchen) was Jason,who had pre-wrapped his salmon rolls in order to spend most of his time at the front of the truck to deal with customers.

 Most of the people who brought his sloppy mess of a meal(the quinoa and honey mustard miso turned off the judges) were ladies that he batted his eyes at,which was his plan since the theme of the food truck was "surf" and he has surfer boy looks.

Yeah,well, this competition is more about taste that sight,my man,and you found that out the hard way. He was flexing a really arrogant attitude,so I'm glad to see him go for now. Hopefully,next week,we won't find him in LCK as a winner.

This week's episode of Sleepy Hollow was particularly strong story wise,thanks to Abbie's sister Jennifer making some active plays in this long game.

 Upon breaking out of the mental hospital she was in,Jenny went in search of a mystical item,also sought by an ancient order of Hessian warriors,that would unleash a large number of demons on earth.

With the Mills sisters having to work together,this twosome formed a very formidable trio with Ichabod that not only saved the day but began to mend a few fences for the ladies as well. I also like having a secret Hessian society on board as a possibly permanent set of villains and even with the main focus being on Ichabod and Abbie,here's hoping that Jenny will become a major player as time goes on:

American Horror Story:Coven debuted last night and it definitely was not shy about the horror. The centerpiece of the plot is in New Orleans where a "boarding school" for young witches is in session as newcomer Zoe(Tassia Farmiga) meets her new classmates including bitchy movie star Madison(Emma Roberts).

In between the power struggles amongst the girls as well as the headmistress Cordelia and her "Supreme" mother Fiona, an old tale of the terrors dealt to the innocent by Delphine LaLaurie(which were avenged by Marie Laveau) comes to brutal life and threatens to affect the fate of the fading line of witches in the modern world.

 I have to say that there wasn't a dull moment to be had and I'm not the only one who sees a few X-Men connections being drawn(with a lot more blood and sexual politics). The merging of the past and present promises to be a nifty display of feminine struggles and racial matters which could be tricky to juxtaposition there but so far,so good.

 The diva power alone is beyond ten,with Jessica Lange,Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett on deck and the powers of the new generation of witches ,such as Madison with her Carrie like abilities and Queenie who can bring pain to others by doing it to herself,are pretty impressive. Definitely turning in for the rest of this run and eager to see what will happen next,something that doesn't happen with every show out there:


MARVEL'S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D: This week,the big mission was to rescue a kidnapped scientist and from the looks of his ultimate fate,this was the introduction of a new Big Bad for the next Avengers movie. We shall see,in a couple of summers there!:


Thaddeus said...

SHIELD wasn't bad this week, but I still think that there's a tonal issue with the series so far. They certainly have yet to provide some serious hook, beyond its pedigree.

Sleep Hollow remains a real surprise, and a very pleasant one. I enjoyed Zero Hour because it's so insane, but SH has a lot of similarly uncanny elements. I'm actively amazed that it works so well, but I'm still watching.

Please check out Arrow, and I promise I will give Vampire Diaries another try...

lady t said...

I think we have to give Agents of SHIELD a little more time to get into their groove there.

SH was renewed for another season,which makes me very happy as that show seems to know where they're going so far and giving us a wild ride worth taking.

I'll see what I can do about Arrow and if you want to try Vampire Diaries again,it might be a good idea to check out a past season or two(don't know where you left off,but so much keeps happening it's tricky for even regular viewers to keep up!).

I'm not bothering with The Originals,since a)Klaus is a creepy jerk and b)it's on at the same time as SHIELD,plus between TVD and AHS:C, there's plenty of supernatural fare on my pop culture plate as it is:)

Thaddeus said...

Agreed about SHIELD, but I am a little surprised that so many elements are there, and yet something feels off about the tone. Like, maybe the ongoing arcs would make more sense if this were season 2 of that program, or something along those lines...

Yes, SH brings all the right elements to an idea so nuts that it shouldn't work at all...

I bailed during tVD's last season because Klaus had become quite grating and over-used. Still, go for Arrow, please...

I fully agree with you about feeling that The Originals doesn't seem compelling at all...

lady t said...

I'll give Arrow a chance but I have to catch up online first,since I haven't seen any of the episodes.

And yes,TVD had too much Klaus going on there but things are a bit tighter but just as crazy,plus Katherine is now human which doesn't make her happy!