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Friday, November 22, 2013

A preview of what's to come for 2014 at the Movie Trailer Park

With Thanksgiving a few days away as well as the huge holiday push for major movies to hit the screen this season in time to snag an Oscar nod or two, it might be more relaxing to see what lies ahead at the multiplex for early next year.

 To start, let's take a look at Labor Day, starring Kate Winslet as a distraught divorced mother who finds unexpected romance when an escaped convict (Josh Brolin) enlists her help in hiding out from the authorities. Not only do the two of them bond, the young boy caught in the middle between them also begins to feel as if he has a real father in his life at last.

The film is based on Joyce Maynard's 2009 novel,which I read and highly enjoyed. Far from the standard thriller set up that the plot seems to be, the story was an engaging emotional journey that I sincerely hope is well translated to the screen. Labor Day will be in wide release by January,so we shall see soon enough:

Another book that I read long ago was Winter's Tale,which is set to be out in theaters by Valentine's Day. Colin Farrell takes the lead role as Peter Lake,a thief in turn of the century New York whose heart is stolen by Beverly(Jessica Brown-Findley), a sickly yet sweet natured society girl.

While fleeing from ruthless gangster Pearly Soames(Russell Crowe), Peter falls through time and finds himself in modern day NYC with no memory of his past. With only a mysterious white horse and a few familiar hints of his former life, Peter becomes determined to reclaim what was once his.

Akiva Goldman is both writing the screenplay based upon Mark Helprin's 1983 novel and directing as well, saying that project is a "labor of love" for him. Granted, he's an experienced writer but with this being his directing debut, the chance that it might prove to be too much of a big rig to handle on his first go-around. I'm hoping for the best on this one:

In addition to his supporting part in Winter's Tale, Russell Crowe is also at the helm of another big movie for spring 2014,the biblical epic Noah.

 Crowe plays the legenday ark builder, who along with his wife (Jennifer Connelly,who also appears in Winter's Tale) and children, which include Hermoine herself(Emma Watson), undergo the divine task of preserving all of the wild life that can be stored on board the massive vessel.

Frankly,folks, I don't know what to make of this one. This whole genre is ripe for parody and/or propaganda but since Darren Aronosky is in the director's chair here(he also co-wrote the script), this might actually be a step beyond the cinematic norm. If he does for Bible stories what he did for ballet with Black Swan, Noah could be a weirdly interesting ride to take this March:

What most trend watchers will be keeping an eye on in March is how well Divergent does in theaters,as it will be the first adaptation of Veronica Roth's sci-fi YA trilogy to hit the mainstream movie going circuit.

In the futuristic world of this story, people are divided up into certain groups according to their particular strengths and weaknesses that make it easier for their government to control them. When Tris(Shailene Woodley) becomes of age, she discovers that her talents allow her to blend in with any faction she chooses which makes her a threat to the established order.

She tries to hide her unusual abilities by joining Dauntless,known for their bravery but even amongst that group, Tris finds others like her who long to rebel against those in power,who are also looking to shake things up for their own dark purposes. The success or failure of this movie will determine if it will be the next Hunger Games and I have to say that it does look promising:

While checking out what is currently at the cinema is good, it never hurts to see what's ahead and judging by some of these coming attractions, we may have some fun film times to look forward to. At the very least, it's a welcome distraction from debating about casting Ben Affleck for the Superman Vs. Batman movie(personally, I have no problem with him being the Dark Knight and yes, I thought he made a great Daredevil):

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