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Monday, January 13, 2014

Chilling out with some fear flicks in the midwinter section of the Movie Trailer Park.

As we begin to recover from the polar vortex(which was the work of super villains,in my opinion) and snow storms of the post-holiday season, one of the best places to warm up is your local movie multiplex.

This being midwinter,however, leaves you with two basic choices; catch up on potential award show nominees or delight in the B movie fare that the studios are willing to slap into theaters this time of year. Horror is a much relied upon genre for filling those seats in the dead of winter,so let's look at the upcoming fear fest for your cinematic consumption:

DEVIL'S DUE: This is pretty much Rosemary's Baby meets Paranormal Activity, as a happy young couple(Zach Gifford and Allison Miller) chronicle the upcoming birth of their first child who happens to be the next Antichrist! This movie might be somewhat better than expected,since a few of the gang from the V/H/S anthology series are on board here, but for the most part, any seasoned horror fan will be clued in from the get-go. Either way, definitely not a movie to show to a Lamaze class:

I,FRANKENSTEIN: Aaron Eckhart stars as the title monster(yes, I know Frankenstein is the name of the doctor,not the monster but let's just accept the concept that our Mr. Gruesome took his daddy's last name,okay?) who is dragged into a war being waged between demons and gargoyles.

There are some rather well known names in the cast such as Miranda Otto as the Gargoyle Queen( which does sound cool) and Bill Nighy,plus one of  the screenwriters Kevin Gravioux(whose graphic novel this film is based on) has a small part to play as well.

Judging from the trailer, there's a lot of CGI being thrown around yet this could be some simple popcorn movie fun, if you have the spare time and money to check this when it hits the big screen later this month:

VAMPIRE ACADEMY: There's clearly a fang in cheek approach being taken to the film(based on the popular YA series of books by Richelle Mead) as director Mark Waters got his brother Daniel( best known for the dark comedy classic Heathers) to adapt the screenplay.

The general plot has a pair of teen gal pals heading to a special school for their kind(think Hogwarts for bloodsuckers). They would rather live amongst humans but are made to get their supernatural education in order first.

 Rose( Zoey Deutch) is a half human/half vampire known as a Dhampir who is assigned as the protection/occasional meal of Lissa( Lucy Fry), a vampire princess of a clan that prefers to keep their liquid diet preferences on the down low. The two of them are drawn into a battle between the "let's blend into mortal society" vamps and the "humans are only good for one thing" types. Combine that with the usual high school drama and you have a possibly post-modern Buffy situation a-brewing.

I haven't read the books and not certain what the fans of this series will think of the humorous tone being put forth here. However, this does look like a good time had by all,so we'll see:

Hopefully when spring arrives, a higher quality of fright fare will come long. Although,the most promise I see in that arena so far is the third V/H/S movie and Angelina Jolie getting her bad fairy on(she so needs to play a vampire queen at some point):

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Thaddeus said...

I gotta give it up, the trailer for I, F looks legitimately great. I made fun of the poster, as you well know, but I did complain that it gives almost no info.

It seems like a Blade story with visuals out of... Constantine, a bigger-budget Spawn, and End of Days?

If it gets decent reviews, I will try to corral some friends to see it.