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Thursday, August 14, 2014

A final farewell to Tara on True Blood, being on Team Sandhya at Project Runway and the new Food Network Star is.....

Several good things happened on True Blood this week, as Eric was cured by Sarah Newlin's blood of Hep V and Violet was thankfully vanquished,during a waste of time villain rant, by Hoyt.

 I actually said "Thank you!" when he came in the nick of time to save Jason and friends from the gruesome torture she had planned for them and since Violet was the one that killed his mother, it was fitting that Hoyt do that bitch in.

 The biggest deal, in my opinion, was the wrap-up of Lettie Mae's insistence upon connecting with Tara from the beyond. Turns out that Tara had buried a gun in her family backyard many years ago, in order to not kill her mean bastard of a father that abandoned both her and Lettie Mae. The two of them made peace and Tara is free to move on in the spirit world, a right she has well earned if you ask me. Granted, I would've liked a better send-off for Tara but this is the one we're getting, folks, so let's just accept it.

Meanwhile, there's going to be more to deal with as Jason and Jessica need to resolve their feelings regarding Hoyt. Personally, I think letting him go again would be the right thing to do for both characters but if one of them gets to reconnect, that chance belongs to Jason.

Yes, I know, Hoyt and Jessica were each other's first loves but Jason was his best friend since they were kids and since he screwed up all up by getting involved with Jessica in the first place, a good redemption might be in fixing that broken bond there.

The main plot thread to be snipped is Bill refusing to take the Hep V cure-he would have to be the drama king, of course! I get why he feels the need to be noble and let Sookie have a shot at finding a mortal as a mate but instead of making everyone watch him slowly die, why not meet the sun? Don't get me wrong, I don't want Sookie to end the show in complete misery but dragging this out is going to be too much to take:

The winner of this season's Food Network Star was announced this past weekend and after the usual wrap-up/reunion deal, Lenny was proclaimed the champion.

Well, congrats, Lenny and I look forward to your "Cowboy Up" show when it hits the air. He's a fun guy with an infectious good nature and it's been a pleasure watching him for the past few weeks. Who knows, he might get even more popular than some of the FN regulars over time:

We're only three episodes into the latest season of Project Runway and already I have a designer to root for: Sandhya. She's won two challenges so far that have earned her praise for creativity from the judges and some side eyeing from her competitors.

What I like about her is her unassuming manner and willingness to blend her own unique style to the challenge at hand. Granted, that didn't work out so well for the Movie Night team challenge there but a lot of that mess came from her teammates,in my opinion, who acted horribly during judging.

The task last week was to do a futuristic look using 1990s nostalgia( it was all connected to the 20th anniversary of Marie Claire) and Sandhya was the only one to use a bright color. Her dress was the kind of outfit I'd expect to see in a sci-fi movie or TV show yet it didn't strike me as a costume. She even made the dress easy to sit down in(with an important adjustment to the back) and that was a real sign of a creatively practical person, something I think the fashion world could use there.

I don't know how long she'll last on PR but with any luck, Sandhya will make it to the end. Let's hope so, since it would be sweet for such a nice person like her to win this thing:


UNDER THE DOME: Looks like there may be a way out of Chester's Mill after all, thanks to that strange underground tunnel found in the back of Melanie's locker! Sounds wacky, I agree, but this is an interesting new development that should lead to something good before this season is done:

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