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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fish and Penguin getting some face time on Gotham, Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. solve a puzzle and a quick look at The Flash

The major plot lines on Gotham are starting to get better, as Gordon shows off more of his badass side(along with young Bruce Wayne, who with the help of Alfred, taught a bully some manners) and the promise of Harvey Dent arriving soon is a nice treat to savor.

My favorite story line, however, is the Penguin's progress through the criminal underworld, particularly now with Fish Mooney being forced to treat him as an equal.

The first big meeting between those two since the reveal that Penguin was alive naturally had it's share of tension, with an attempt at polite reconciliation but Ms. Mooney is not the type to smile and swoon over a gift from someone she despises.

 Penguin got his own private payback for her rather pointed acceptance of his peace offering(note: being Fish's umbrella carrier is about as safe as being a drummer for Spinal Tap) but in the end, the lady herself will have to answer to him directly for her actions:

Coulson's obsession with carving strange symbols came to a head this week on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as he went through a painful session in Raina's mind chamber in order to get info that would track down a killer.

Turns out there were several agents given the Tahiti treatment, with all of them devolving into mania as each one had a piece of the puzzle yet couldn't figure out the whole picture. Skye was sort of right about it being a map, only it's more like a blue print of a possibly alien city(most speculation points to Attilan, the earth bound home base of the Inhumans).

 Glad to see this arc getting a solid halfway marker to stop at and then being able to pick up as an interesting lead-in for the next few episodes(and by the way, Ward on the run and being a total evil Jason Bourne type? Pretty effing cool):

This is a big superhero TV talk trifecta, as I round things out with The Flash, a show that is doing very well so far. Granted, I would like Iris to buy a clue and realize that Barry is all into her, plus what is the agenda of Dr. Wells here?

Wells is clearly a secret bad guy, with his hidden room that has newspapers from the future(not to mention pretending to need a wheelchair and killing potential rivals!) and his advice to troubled metahuman Plastique,that she should take down her pursuers before they capture her, was rather deadly there. I know at some point, all will be revealed but I am so trying to figure who Wells really is and what is his ultimate goal.

I did enjoy seeing Barry test his speed limits, with the running up the side of a building and the whole water walk deal(not sure if Plastique is truly gone but we shall see, I suppose). First seasons tend to still be learning their steps yet The Flash has been off and running at a good pace. Keep up the momentum, folks:


AGENT CARTER: A brief winter interlude will bring this character from Captain America's past to the small screen, where her adventures bring her into contact with the ancestor of a certain  Avenger and a whole lot more. Should be fun:

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