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Thursday, March 05, 2015

A status report on Gotham, Skye's dilemma on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and a surprise romance on Downton Abbey

There's been a lot going on in Gotham for it's first season but now with only a few episodes left in it's initial run(and the show taking a break until April), let's take a moment to catch our collective breath and examine the series up to now.

Granted, the tone of the writing and character development has been a mixed bag at best, with obvious wink-and-a-nudge intros of future villains and story lines that have gone seemingly nowhere(what is up with Barbara, for example? She's just hovering on the edges of the show now that she and Jim Gordon are no longer an item).

However, we have had some major break out moments such as the rise of Oswald Cobblepot,aka The Penguin, due in large part to how actor Robin Lord Taylor has deftly embodied the character.

 Also, Fish Mooney's downfall and attempt at climbing back to the top of the strange new heap of evil she's been tossed on is becoming an interesting plot line all on it's own. Her new allegiance with the Dollmaker could become pivotal as that particular mad man is destined to make Jim Gordon one of his major targets(according to comic book lore) and that might play out more in season two.

Some small sub plots, such as Edward Ngyma's thwarted crush on GCPD office worker Kristen Kringle and Selina Kyle's on and off attentions to Bruce Wayne(who has a world of trouble to deal with as it is), are taking a good long while to reach serious impact but I think that we might see something to those end games that will lead to a whole lot more next season.

I keep saying "next season" because, yes, there is going to be one and even with some of the missteps taken during this first visit to Gotham, I certainly would like to stay in town to see how this particular circus stages it's center ring event:

With Agent Carter now done(keeping my fingers crossed for a second season of that show!), Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back and everyone is still reeling from where we last left off.

With the gang mourning the death of Agent Trip and using the current upheaval to strike hard at Hydra, the major impacts of that "terregenesis" have yet to be dealt with.

As Raina is horrified that her transformation has turned her into a razor barbed menace, Skye is terrified that her new earthquake powers will isolate her from the team even more than her current stint in quarantine is.

Added to that tension is the fact that Simmons is quickly becoming an advocate for destroying all potential mutations(fortunately, Fitz is willing to keep her secret) and the guilt she has over how Trip died, Skye is in a world of hurt right now. Hopefully, she will be able to gain the trust of her true friends once her new abilities are openly revealed:

 Downton Abbey completed it's fifth season with a two hour finale(known as the "Christmas special" in the UK) and rounded off a number of plot points such as cousin Rose's wedding, Anna's arrest and eventual release and Edith's father telling her that he knows all about Marigold's true parentage.

Edith had her best moment with her father(who was feeling more emotionally generous due to having an ulcer that he thought might be angina) and their mutual acceptance of the situation was good to see. Even Mary(who still has no clue about what's going on in her sister's life) was slightly less bitchy to her,so perhaps Edith will have better times to come.

 A real surprise gift came at the near end, as Mr. Carson finally asked Mrs. Hughes to marry him. Their relationship has had it's share of mutual respect and firmly polite disagreements yet neither one had really declared their true feelings.

With the revelation that Mrs. Hughes couldn't go in on his plans to open a B&B during his retirement years(she has no savings, due to care taking expense for a mentally handicapped sister), the opportunity to ask her to marry him seem most opportune to Carson. Oh, it was such a lovely moment and hopefully, we'll see a wedding for these two during the next(and possibly final) season, they deserve it as much as the Crawley clan does and maybe even more so!:


MAD MEN: The beginning of the end is only a few weeks away and while it will be sad to see this series take it's final bows, we can't say that it wasn't a good time had by all concerned:

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