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Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Flash ends his time out, Skye has therapy on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.and Caroline gets her evil on at The Vampire Diaries

Finally, The Flash returns to Tuesday nights and what a game changer this episode turned out to be!

It might be enough for Barry and Iris to get with the program and declare their true love via a kiss just as a tsunami is about to strike the city(and her finding out his secret super hero identity to boot) but there was plenty more to come there.

We also had Cisco learning the truth behind Dr. Wells and the Reverse Flash, paying for that knowledge with his life, Joe West being hunted down by a new Weather Wizard seeking revenge for his brother's demise and Barry discovering that his super speed has time travel potential. Jam packed would be the understatement, to say the least.

 Yeah, that time travel bit is most important as it not only provides motive for the sinister actions of not so good doctor Harrison Wells/Ebord Thawne(partly,anyway-probably more to that back story!) but can also prevent many of the bad things that went on here, such as the police captain's grave injuries due to this new Weather Wizard attacking Joe at the station.

It will be a tough choice for Barry to make, as he'll lose out on Iris being his official lady love but no doubt, he will make the right call here. Have to say that this new Weather Wizard is certainly more skilled with his powers than his brother was and therefore, perhaps even more dangerous:

Regardless of that threat, the true Big Bad is, of course, Wells and while the conclusion of this mini-arch may rewind his reveal for awhile, I hope we don't have to wait much longer for a rematch between him and Barry.

From the upcoming promos, we have more evil doers a-foot, as Captain Cold will be back(along with a few new partners in crime) and Mark Hamil is set to appear as The Trickster. Looks like a ton of super hero fun that should lead to an amazing finale sometime this spring:

Meanwhile, Skye is trying to adjust to her new status on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as she is now on "The Index" where folks with potentially dangerous abilities are tracked.

Part of that deal involves a pysch evalue, for which she has no desire to take part in and you can't blame her for that. However, having Melinda May's ex-husband(the great and gorgeous Blair Underwood) running the session is an incentive that even Skye can't resist:

I do hope that Underwood's appearance is more than a one time deal, as seeing May slightly mellow out around is a nice change of pace for the character.

Back to Skye, her attempts to control her new found abilities were not helped by Cal, her maniac of a father, forming a band of super villains to expose S.H.I.E.L.D(as well as get payback on Coulson). That little reign of terror was put to a halt, mainly due to Cal being whisked off by the secretive Inhuman forces who are apparently biding their time. No doubt they will make their presence fully known by the time the finale airs:

There is always so much going on with The Vampire Diaries that it is hard to talk about just one plot line. However, the current Caroline Forbes situation seems to be the right place to focus on.

Caroline's decision to turn off her humanity(something that vamps can do in this mythology and it usually means going on a killing spree) in order to cope with the death of her mother was actually a debatable point.

She told her friends that she just needed a year of non humanity fun to skip over the painful struggle of handling the loss of her mother(an arch that was done just as good as the one Buffy had to deal with in S5) and if they left her be, she promised not to murder anyone. It even looked as she was going to be able to do just that.

 Of course, Stefan would hear none of it, since he was slow to declare his true feelings for her before Caroline switched off and persisted in being her "humanity trigger" to bring her back from that emotional void.

I have to say that I was impressed with her evil scheming, as Caroline used her compulsion ability to force Elena's former doctor-in-training beau to do impromptu surgery on Stefan's great-niece(that's a whole other long story, but, yeah, there is a remaining human member of the Salvatore clan). The only way she would call the whole thing off was to insist that Stefan turn off his humanity and by the end, it certainly looked as if he did just that.

Now, are we going to have the Mystic Falls version of Spike and Drusilla here or is Stefan faking her out in order to save Caroline from herself? Either way, it should be a blast to watch:


GAME OF THRONES: We're only a few weeks away from the new season and there are plenty of new delights to savor. Among the fresh sights to behold will be the kingdom of Dorne and the free city of Braavos, where a certain Stark girl is about to learn her lessons in the art of death. So hard to wait!:

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