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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Verity gets another shot at love on Poldark, Food Network Star goes food truckin' and vintage moments on Antiques Roadshow

Love and family were important themes on Poldark this week, as Demelza had her baby(a lovely little girl named Julia Grace) and a local miner named Mark managed to woo a traveling actress into marrying him.

All of that is fine but the big news belongs to Verity, as Demelza plays a serious round of matchmaker there. Upon visiting Captain Blamey in secret to determine if he still cares for Verity(which he does), Demelza arranged for the two of them to "accidently" meet while shopping in town.

Not a bad notion but not only did Verity freak out and then ran out, fearful of having her heart broken again, a full scale riot of starving locals broke out all around them. Blamey did get them to safety yet was persistent in pursuing his suit for Verity. Dude, time and place consideration, seriously!

However, it looks as if that relationship is well on it's way to being rekindled, which is a good thing as Verity's home situation is about to change for the worse. With Francis losing the mine(and most of his fortune on gambling and a mistress), it's nice to know that Verity does at least have something positive to plan for:

 The main challenge for the six remaining contenders on Food Network Star was to pair up for a food truck showdown. Each team had a particular theme(tacos, burgers and grilled cheese) and had to make a promo video to attract customers to their truck.

Richard Blais was the guest judge here and his favorite, along with the rest of the panel and most of the crowd, was Arnold and Jay's "Asian-Cajun Burger Boys!" concept. Service was a bit slow but the results were happily tasty.

Amongst the losing teams, it did look as if Alex(his "Hot Slap" taco truck menu with Dom was just too spicy for everyone) but to much surprise, Michelle announced that she was quitting the competition.

I could see this coming, as her heart wasn't really in the challenge(her tomato soup for Eddie's pulled pork grilled cheese was rather bland) and she kept saying how much she missed her kids.

I've seen enough competition shows to know that when someone is all "I really want to be with my children!" that they're ready to pack up and go. Apparently, this was the first time that something like happened on FNS, which clearly took Giada aback there. Michelle was serious about leaving as she did not make an appearance on Star Salvation, a blessing in disguise as #horrible Matthew finally lost his shot at returning! Hey, I'm not trying to be mean but the guy needs to grow up a hell of a lot more before he tackles something like this again.

So, getting back to Michelle-you did what you had to, hon. Don't feel bad, you gave it your level best and I'm sure there will be a next time somewhere down the road:

For their summer season, Antiques Roadshow has been airing some new "vintage" episodes. That's when they take a show from about ten to fifteen years ago and reevaluate the estimates originally given to current day prices.

For example, this nifty old school beer poster was first valued at 2 to 3 grand back in 2000 but sadly the price is now between 1,500 and 2000 dollars. That doesn't take away from the beauty of the piece or it's place in advertising history but it is a shame that the market place for it has declined somewhat:

 While it might seem as if this is just another way to recycle an old series, there's a lot of fun to be had in guessing which items went up,down or stayed the same in price.

Plus, you get to watch episodes that you might not have seen the first time around as well as hear the interesting stories about how certain objects made to the hands of the folks who now own them. Also, there are some nice surprises for those lucky few whose items have proved to be a great long term investment(especially if they paid next to nothing or nothing at all for them!), so Vintage Antiques Roadshow is well worth watching indeed:


THE NIGHTLY SHOW: Thank the comedy gods that this show(along with the Daily Show and @Midnight) has returned to the summer schedule. We were in much need of Larry Wilmore and friends over the past couple of weeks, what with all of the wacky real world goings-on, and now we can truly get a grip on the current craziness of the moment. Not to mention give a certain sweater loving TV dad the proper dressing down that he deserves:


Ann Summerville said...

I love the Poldark series.

denise226 said...

i am loving the show i have the dvd from pbs really awesome program denise smith denise226@verizon.net

Carol L. said...

This is such an awesome series. My daughter is such a fan of Aidan Turner as well. Thanks for the post.
Carol L
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lady t said...

Glad you all like Poldark,ladies but the giveaway entries only apply to my reviews of the first two books in the series(one of which I'm about to publish today!)and not to my TV Thursday mentions of the show.

Sorry for any confusion there but I do hope that you check out all of the stops on the Poldark blog tour as well for more chances to win:)