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Monday, September 26, 2016

Fine tuning my Fall TV viewing

Now that Fall is officially here and a new season of television is beginning to start up, I have to confess that there are several shows that I'm not returning to.

The reasons for this weeding are various, as some I've given more than a fair chance to but still not satisfied(Gotham), others seem just done and over with(Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D) and at least one of them has lost it's fun cheesy flavor for me(The Vampire Diaries).

I wish those shows and their remaining audiences well but I need to move on to fresher pop culture pastures, so here are a handful of my new must-see TV picks:

POLDARK:  Season two of this series(based upon the novels of Winston Graham) brings us back to Cornwall, as our hero Ross Poldark had to stand trial in the very first episode.

Fortunately, last night's premiere was two hours long so as not to make our suspense over his fate too hard to bear. Along with Ross(Aidan Turner) and his beloved Demelza(Eleanor Tomlinson), we also get old friends and enemies(Warleggan!), plus a few fresh faces who are bound to cause trouble such as Caroline, a debu-brat well before her time.

Season One is readily available for those who wish to catch up and if you need any more incentive, think of this series as a gritter version of Downton Abbey complete with class struggles and complicated romances:

THE GOOD PLACE: Kristen Bell stars as Eleanor, a recently deceased person who landed on the right side of the afterlife in a special neighborhood designed by Michael(Ted Danson).

Only trouble is, Eleanor is not who everyone thinks she is(a good hearted lawyer who liked clown decor) and given her former life as a sleazy saleswoman for fake medicine to the elderly, clearly belongs somewhere else. However, with the help of her assigned soulmate Chidi(William Jackson Harper), she hopes to get just good enough to stay without being found out first.

Such set-ups are tricky to make work but so far, TGP is really clicking along nicely. Bell is amusingly awesome and has great chemistry with the whole cast,especially WJH as Chidi, who is fast becoming one of my favorite characters here:

LUCIFER: Speaking of less than heavenly situations, season two of this DC Comics based fantasy has our resident devil facing a real horror; his mother(played by former Battlestar Galactica star Tricia Helfer) who has escaped from Hell.

In addition to worrying about what his dear old mum might be up to, Lucifer also has to deal with his police partner Chloe's growing suspicions about who he really is. Plus, his angelic brother Amenadiel may be losing his powers and demon gal pal Maze seems to have her own agenda apart from watching her evil boss' back.

The world building and character development on this show makes it more than just another supernatural crime fighter series, which has me evilly eager to see more:

Of course, there are still some series that I'm sticking with such as The Flash, iZombie(which will be back in January 2017) and How To Get Away With Murder as well as a few that are strictly for fun like Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition(got to see how long The Situation lasts on that!).

If I had to pick the one show that really makes me excited for this season, it's Supergirl. Yes, I had my doubts before it even aired on CBS but this super heroine saga has gone leaps and bounds over my expectations and now that it's found a home at the CW with the rest of the solid DC Comics small screen world, I am over the moon and beyond.

Having Superman on board is truly the cherry on top of this superstar sundae and even if Cat Grant will only be making guest appearances, that's fine. Considering the state of the real world right now, it's best to take your pop culture moments of bliss as they are when they come:

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