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Monday, January 21, 2019

Some cinematic springing ahead to the Movie Trailer Park

Between the frigid temperatures driving folks indoors and the lack of first night must-see material at the multiplex, movie going is in a bit of slump at the moment. That's usual for this time of year but with all of the fresh new trailers for future spring release cropping up, this cinematic chill should thaw soon enough.

For example, the first trailer for Jordan Peele's Us has already caused an emotional meltdown with fans of his groundbreaking(and Oscar winning) horror film Get Out. Lupita Nyong'o stars as Adelaide, who with her husband Gabe(Winston Duke) and their two kids, takes a trip to the beachside residence that brought her such happy memories from her childhood days.

However, not all of those memories are good ones as she and her loved ones find themselves targeted by a group of doppelgangers known as the Tethered. These sinister copies of themselves are bound and determined to destroy their family and friends but why and for what purpose?

Dozens of theories are being debated as I type this and there's even fan art already for this incredibly creative and terrifying film that I sincerely hope to see as soon as possible this March. I have some ideas of my own but it's best to wait for the movie to arrive before going into that(one notion: the scissors have something to do with the Fates!). So for now, I look forward to nervously nibbling on my popcorn with the rest of us out there:

Speaking of scary spring stories, a remake of Stephen King's Pet Sematary is set to arrive in April. Retelling a King book is always a tricky venture and in some cases, not necessary.

However, the original 1989 movie was quite clunky(with the exception of Fred Gwynne as Jud Crandall) to be kind about it and this version seems to strike the right eerie tone here.

 John Lithgow is the most major actor that I spotted in the cast, a good move since this sad tale of a doctor and his family that moved way too close to a highway and the title burial spot doesn't require any extra over the top acting.

 As a King fan myself, Pet Semetary was one of the hardest books to get through emotionally and taking on this story again without any camp is a challenge. Judging from the vibe that this trailer is putting out, I think that this time, they got it frighteningly right:

A book adaptation that is far less intense is the DC Comics big screen version of Shazam!, also set for April starring Zachary Levi as the larger than life alter ego of teenage foster kid Billy Batson.

Upon receiving his powers, Billy does a lot of things that most kids would do, with the help of his friend Freddy, but when former candidate for the Shazam spot Dr. Silvana(Mark Strong) shows up, Billy has to mature as fast as his new abilities in order to save the day.

This does look like some light hearted fun, which the DC superhero movies could seriously use right now. Given the surprise box office power that the engagingly goofy Aquaman has wielded over the past holiday season, Shazam! is in a prime position to showcase it's big ticket prowess:

Interestingly enough, the MCU will debut Captain Marvel in March and yes, there was once a tussle over which comic book franchise would retain that name for their character but it's all said and done at this point.

This movie holds the distinction of being the first female focused superhero movie for Marvel as Bree Larson plays Carol Danvers, an Air Force pilot who was infused with the essence of a Kree(a race of intergalactic warriors) in 1995 and joins in the fight against the Skrull, a group of shape shifting invaders.

Danvers has to leave Earth and become a member of Starforce in order to protect both worlds yet things may not be what they seem. With Avengers: Endgame on the horizon, this movie may be important for fans to watch but I also suspect that even those not caught up in the whole Infinity Wars saga may find some joy in seeing this super sonic warrior woman in action:

Spring time at the movies should be fun but summer movie season is not too far off (especially since they keep moving the starting line on that) and it'll be great to have some more Marvel-ous fun with Spiderman and friends with some good air conditioning to boot. We'll miss this winter chill then!:

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