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Monday, July 31, 2006

Stop being a Stupid Girl,Lindsay!

Lindsay Lohan has just been called on the carpet for her latest shenanagans by Morgan Creek head,James Robinson who sent Ms. Freaky-not-just-on-Friday a rather tough talking memo about her behavior on the set of Georgia Rule. Robinson is not buying the beaten-to-death excuse of "exhaustion" as reason for her not showing up to work,out and out telling her that"We are well aware that your ongoing all night heavy partying is the real reason for you so-called "exhaustion." Uh,oh,Daddy's mad-you're in wicked trouble now,Lindsay!

I've linked the Smoking Gun article in the title above so you can see it for yourselves;he also calls Ms. Lohan a"spoiled brat" and unprofessional and threatens to hold her financially responsible for any more setbacks. Thank you,Mr. Robinson,for openly being the first Hollywood executive to put his/her foot down in public and stop letting these celebs self-destruct in your prescence. I hope that Lindsay's co stars in Georgia Rule(Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman)are putting in their two cents here as well and giving this girl some much-needed advice.

Lindsay,I truly hope that this is a wake-up call for you;don't pout or just say what you think they want to hear. You've been making comments about wanting to be given serious parts(and after Herbie:Fully Loaded,who could blame you?)but you have to act serious to be taken serious. That's how it works. No one's saying you can't have fun but when you start looking older than your over-40 fellow actresses,that's not good,hon-not at all! There's a reason that Pink can mock you in her Stupid Girls video and that folks find it funny:

And for the rest of you:nobody believes that "exhaustion" crap,heat related or otherwise. Unless you're working in the Sahara desert,it doesn't fly. We know it's because you were either puking your insides out way too much or getting wasted or both. We're not stupid,okay? Get yourselves together,gang-times are harsh and entertainment is needed now more than ever before. Oh,and can someone please stop paying attention to Paris and Nicole? Please?! Plenty of people out there with actual talent or some kind of skill that could use the spotlight better-just take a look:


Robin Brande said...

Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times YES. Thank you. And thanks for posting that Pink video--I'd never seen that before, and now I'm a total fan.

You're right--you'd hope and believe that mature women like Jane and Felicity would be kicking the brat from one side of the set to the other. I doubt that they have any tolerance for pouty, spoiled, drama queen teenagers.

What happened to the sweet and sporty girl from The Parent Trap? She had such promise. Then she went the way of so many overprivileged celebrity teens. Really a disappointment.

Give me a Jodie Foster brainiac Yalie any day.

lady t said...

Glad you liked the Pink video(J.K. Rowling's also a big fan of that song,she wrote about it at her website)-we need more kickass chicks like her around. I miss the Joan Jetts and Pat Benatars of rock:(

I can't really recall a Lohan movie that I've seen but hey,if a gal from Dawson's Creek can get an Oscar nom,there's hope for all the young upcoming celeb teens.