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Friday, November 24, 2006

Heroes save the Cheerleader,Ugly Betty snuggles up with her boss and a Top Chef Thanksgiving

On Heroes this week,Peter finally got to save the cheerleader on his own since Hiro hasn't yet returned from the past( Ando seems to be living in that diner until he shows back up). While we still haven't gotten a good look at Sylar,Claire and her Cordelia like nemesis,Jackie,got a first hand taste of what he's capable of dishing out for the unwary:

I wasn't surpised that Peter lived thru his Sylar encounter(despite the prophecy painting that Nathan destroyed-he really seems like a potential bad guy at some point)but was amazed that Sylar was caught so easily by Eden,aka Pretty Persuasion,and Mr. Bennet's silent partner there. Just hope that he doesn't share a holding cell with poor Issac. Next week's episode is entitled"Six Months Earlier" which implies that we're going to get alot of backstory on our superpowered friends but with those cliffhanger moments of Nicki/Jessica targeting DL thru a crosshair scope(talk about gunning for someone!)and Peter getting busted by the cops,I hope that we are not left in the dark for long.

Top Chef had quite a different twist on the quickfire challenge this week,granting five people immunity and having the others cook a "cutting edge" Thanksgiving dinner for the winners(along with the judges and special guest Anthony Bourdain)at the loft where all of the competing chefs live. Once again,lack of communication reared it's ugly head as most of the meal planning lead to alot of bickering,with Betty showing a very nasty side of herself.

I'm not a big fan of either Marcel or Michael but they did make an effort with this challenge-Marcel's Turkey Roulade with Cranberry Gelee certainly was a new approach to the traditional Thanksgiving fare(too bad it was dry)and I think most of his fellow contestants ragged on it mainly because they don't like him. Sometimes you have to give jerks their due,people. Also,Michael made several dishes and even tho his triple starch entree was over the top,atleast he showed some passion. Even Bourdain wound up liking him for his wacked out style-"He's like the love child of Charles Manson and Julia Child and he's serving me dinner!". If he can keep his focus and straighten up his act,Michael may have a decent shot at this. One tip,ease up on the booze,buddy!

Betty was so bitchy,shooting down other people's suggestions for the dinner(Michael's idea of a turducken lasagna would've worked,in my opinion)and slyly blaming other people for her crappy creme brulee. Look,if you're not good at making desserts(which Betty isn't),don't try to prepare very delicate dishes like a meringue or a brulee,which are tricky even for those who are experts at pastry,and then when it messes up,say"Oh,I only do comfort food." That's a total cop-out.

On to a much nicer Betty,boss Daniel got a taste of functional family life as he recovered from his hangover at the Suarez's(I am so envious of Betty's Little Mermaid sheets-I own a couple of Tim Burton movie based throws but haven't been bold enough to get an entire linen set)while Betty took command of a celebrity baby photo shoot. Glad to see Betty's true worth being recognized by Sofia(take the job offer,Betty!)and Daniel more than willing to let her move on to a better position. It was a shame that Santos couldn't appreciate Justin for who he is(so what if the kid likes to shop at fabric stores? It's better than being a manly man who gets beaten up by loan sharks on a regular basis)but Justin will be just fine,especially after having a celebrity photo session in his living room.

Marc was smart to use that info slip of Wil's to keep his job and gain some leverage in her scheme with Fay-just hope that he hasn't bitten more than he can chew! The promos for next week's show have Henry running into Betty yet again(Yah!Please,please ditch Walter!)and perhaps a way to get Betty's dad out of INS clutches.

Random Notes:

Nip/Tuck: I don't know what decision of Christian's is worse:asking Michelle to marry him(if he only knew what really happened to Burt,he'd certainly reconsider)or having Dr. Faith Wolper as his shrink,who eagerly told Sean about how Christian has some Tom Ripley feelings for him. Sean falling for her obvious line of instigating jealousy shows his complete vulnerability now with Julia truly out of his life:

Sean is atleast smart enough to see what trouble Michelle is,especially with those organ stealing days still not behind her. James' afterhours chopshop at McNamara/Troy is certain to lead to some really messy showdown before this season is over,mark my words. Next week,Sean gets very Bad Santa and Escobar sends some holiday greetings:

Veronica Mars: This season has been a bumpy one,with not enough time given to the likes of Weevil,Wallace and Mac(to be fair,Tina Majorino has been spliting time between VM and Big Love)and this whole campus rape storyline. While I find alot of the "is-it-disgusting-frat-boys or single-minded-antifrat-feminists" mystery to be interesting,there is a strong sense of unfocus here. Perhaps with next week's big Veronica Attacked episode,we may get this train back on track:

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