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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Coalminers are off TAR,Top Chef simmers in more controversy stew and Nip/Tuck serves up some Season One specials

Top Chef had quite a few ups and downs this week as no one was eliminated due to multiple accusations of cheating. The big challenge here was to divide into four teams and make a meal for kids at a weight-loss camp that was only 500 calories. The Black Team(Frank,Marcel & Betty) won this round but were crunched by Betty's cookies.The rules were that after your team's menu was approved by a nutritionist,your recipes could not be changed. Betty was making meringue cookies with Splenda which didn't work out so the next day she put in some regular sugar.

She did 'fess up to this and I believe her when she says that since her team was under the 500 mark(by about 60 calories),she thought it would be okay. Her cookies were not the ultimate reason her team won(the true success was making the main entree a pizza and Frank's recipe put them over the top,for which he was well rewarded)and this whole thing only came up due to two of the losing teams complaining about other people cheating by adding olive oil when the nutritionists weren't around.

I'm not in favor of cheating but if you see someone breaking the rules,shouldn't the time to confront that issue be sooner than later? Sam was the first to start playing the blame game but he didn't have the guts to name names. Hey,if you saw other teams with those"squeeze" bottles of olive oil,why didn't you do anything about it until you were called on the carpet for making a sour tasting smoothie?

Mia was the one who named Betty as a cheater in front of the judges but later,when the chefs were among themselves,lied about doing so. Not cool-if you're going to throw someone under the bus,atleast have the decency to let them know who. Hopefully next week's challenge will leave a better taste in everyone's mouth.

The Amazing Race had to say goodbye to the Coalminer Couple,David and Mary as they could not dodge the second marked-for-elimination bullet aimed at them. The Six Pack has now become a Two Pack,with the Cho brothers and Team Alabama(Lynn & Karlyn)holding off against the Male Models,Rob & Kimberly aka the Bickersons and the Beauty Queens who seem more like the Wicked Stepsisters as they sneer at other teams and do things like abandon their crumpled car(which they wrecked themselves!)and take someone's vehicle to the airport instead. Nice,ladies,real nice.

Nip/Tuck had another blast from the past,this time a two for one deal with Merrill Bobolit being the go between for Escobar who convinced the good docs to repair his burned face back to it's original look(he looked like something out of Hellraiser when the surgery was done). Sean and Christian also got a fun visit from Matt and Kimber and learned three fun facts: a)Matt and Kimber are married,b)Kimber's pregnant and c)Kimber wants her implants taken out for free so she can breast feed the kid. Gee,couldn't they have just sent out a wedding registry like other folks do?

While it wasn't kosher of Christian to use Kimber's operation as a means of drawing a DNA sample to see if the baby was his,I can't feel sorry for her. She treats Matt like a dog and why Julia didn't bitchslap her one after Kimber berated him viciously over a glass of water is beyond me. If that had been my mom, that would've Showdown City right then and there. Julia is so damn wishy-washy at times,it's a wonder that she didn't hook up with Charlie Brown!

Next week's episode looks pretty interesting,with a look at the characters as they might be in the year 2026. Either this will be a fun,creative episode or something that makes the futuristic scenes in "Click" look Oscar-worthy:

Random Notes:

South Park: The follow-up to "Go,God,Go Part II" was a great riff on time travel cliches and the whole concept of "isms". The best stuff was all of the Buck Rogers in the 25th century homages,with their own versions of Twiki the robot and Erin Gray in the two piece spandex suit she always ran around in. Just take a look at how well they did this:

Original Buck Rogers intro:

South Park version:

America's Next Top Model: Anchal was sent packing this time and I felt so bad for her. All thru the show,people have been talking smack to this girl,particularly Melrose(who resembles a pre-druggie Courtney Love). I didn't like the way Tyra lectured her and another one of the contestants about how they were making the judges regret even choosing them in the first place,just because they couldn't complete a goofy challenge right in front of them. Melrose was told to box and she vogued instead but got props for that! Anchal's better off getting out of that corral of catty cat cats.

Smallville: Green Arrow has a Afterschool Special moment here,when Clark realizes that Ollie's been taking some superhero enhancers. There was a drug addiction storyline in the Green Arrow comics around the 1970s,if I recall correctly,so this seems like a tip of the hat to the DC cannon. Wonder if the Betty Ford clinic is still in vogue for rehab these days?


Pop Culture Diva said...

I was rooting for Anchal but was also disappointed by her nonchalant attitude. She seemed like such a ball buster in the house but was boring and whiney in front of the judges which is the wrong place to exhibit this behavior. She was the most beautiful of the girls but didn't seem to want it enough.

lady t said...

I see your point but still feel that Anchal could've come around with some encouragement from others. I know that modeling is a "dog-eat-dog" world but a little kindness goes a long way.

Well,I'll be happy if Melrose loses-that girl is mental!