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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

On the Shelf with Brad Meltzer

Bestselling author Brad Meltzer is one of those folks who really needs no introduction but I'll attempt to give him one,anyway. With novels such as The First Counsel,Zero Game and recently,The Book of Fate gathering praise and high rankings on bestseller lists accross the country,along with his comic book series Identity Crisis becoming a crossover hit with both mystery and comic book fans,Meltzer is on his way to join the ranks of those known as a household name.

His first issue of Justice League was number one on the Diamond Comic Distributors Top 100 List and The Book of Fate was ontop of the New York Times Bestsellers list that same week,making him the first author to rule over both lists at once. He has participated in Florida's Reading Together Program with Zero Game and currently,The Book of Fate. Here,without further ado,is the man himself:

1)How does it feel to have The Book of Fate and your first issue of Justice League both top the bestseller lists at the same time?

Humbling. Only a fool or an ass would think that is was possible. So,we're still in a bit of shock.

2)When you're working on a novel,what do you focus on first: plot or characters?

Characters, no question. Even the best plot means nothing unless the
reader cares about the character.

3)In issue #1 of Justice League,Superman,Batman and Wonder Woman have quite abit of discussion about who will and won't be recruited. How much leeway were you given in selecting heroes and villians for this run?

I chose them all. They gave me free reign.

4)Red Tornado seems to be an important character in the new JL series.What is it about him that is so compelling?

I just love his motivation: the puppet who wants to be the real boy.
That makes sense to me.

5)This year's season of Smallville has added Green Arrow to the cast. As someone who has written Green Arrow comics,how would you introduce the character to fans unfamilar with him?

Snappy dialogue and a leather costume...?

6)If you had a choice between adapting one of your novels or your favorite comic book for the movies,which would you chose?

Novels. I love the comics, but the novels are the houses I get to build entirely with my own hands.

7) Who are some of your favorite writers,of fiction and of comic books?

Alan Moore and Harper Lee. Those are the ones I'm jealous of.

My thanks to Brad Meltzer for taking the time to answer my queries and if you're interested in his other books or the current Justice League series,please click the title link above.

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