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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Open letter to disgruntled Borat movie players

Dear Unhappy Campers:

So,you were in the Borat film and didn't realize that it was a big joke played on you-as my father used to say"Boo-hoo,I've been crying over you,boo-hoo!".

Most of you were paid for your efforts and all were asked to sign a waiver,which means that if you had second thoughts about this whole thing,the time to do something about it is long past. If you don't have the sense to read a legal document before signing it,a certain fellow in red would love to sell you eternal youth with just a few drops of blood-ink is so passe!

Okay,frat boys-your story is that the producers got you all liqoured up before you signed up. Well,suck it up,guys. If the people who put out Girls Gone Wild can make a buck off of stupid drunken college kids who are willing to do anything in front of a camera,you're plumb out of luck getting sympathy here. Maybe next time,you'll think before you drink. Consider it a little life lesson.

Villagers of Glod,you feel cheated by the movie's portrayal of your town and by how little you were paid for your cooperation. The best way to get over that:tourist attraction! This movie could do for you what Peter Jackson did for New Zealand,make your hometown a very desirable place for vacationing foriegners with plenty of money to spend on movie-related souvenirs. I can see the ad campaign now:"Come see the real Kazakhstan! Is Nice. High Five!":

As for the rest of you,lighten up a little. Everyone has those moments when they get tripped up by a prankster and lots of folks have it on film. It's not the worst thing in the world. Why not enjoy some of the 15 minutes of fame that's been granted you here? It's not like being caught foolishly on film makes you a social outcast,otherwise America's Funniest Home Videos wouldn't be considered family viewing. It's best to have a sense of humor about the whole thing,like these people did and mellow out:

And if you're still not convinced,let me put it to this way. All this negative publicity is just as good at selling tickets to the movie as positive,in fact even more so. Did the whole Brangelina deal sink Mr. & Mrs. Smith at the box office? No.

Did Tom Cruise's wacky antics hurt War of the Worlds or MI:III? Not really. Granted that while some bad PR does hinder a creative project at times(Yes,Mel Gibson,this is directed at you),sometimes it just generates a gold mine. Why help Sasha Baron Cohen make any more money off of you?


Lady T and the rest of the Borat fanbase

P.S. If you still can't take a joke,then enjoy the pity party,people!


Anonymous said...

It's taken me this long to comment because I just saw it tonight.

Please--the best bit by far was the congressman eating that cube of cheese. The look on his face after Barat said what it was made of--priceless.

Otherwise, it was (ahem) sophomoric, juvenile, disgusting, etc., etc. Never watch the stuff myself. (Ahem.)

Seriously, though, I really hated all the stuff about the Jews. It bothered me even more to hear people laughing about it in the theater. I'm not Jewish, but I feel very sensitive about this. I enjoyed him making fun of everybody else, but that stuff went too far.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

And by the way, I do realize that Sasha Baron Cohen is Jewish, and that that is part of the joke, but it still made me highly uncomfortable.

Other than that, go for it and go for it all the way, Sasha. Bag of poop at the dinner table? You bet.

And I agree the frat boys have a lot of nerve whining now. They didn't mind being pigs when they thought no one else would know.

lady t said...

As to the Jewish humor,the way that SBC uses it to bring people's true feelings to the surface when confronted with open prejudice is a good form of social satire. Not the most sensitive way but many of the best comedians succeed when they make you laugh and squirm at the same time.

Alot of the humor is gross-out(but not as bad as those Jackass movies that my sister cracks up at and I refuse to watch)but there's some bold thought behind it which makes me tolerable for me.

Oh,and now the lady who recieved the poop at the table wants to sue him. Please,spare me. Funny how you were a gracious hostess when that happened but when Borat's unexpected guest showed up,you pretty much gave them both the bum's rush. Gee,I wonder why...:)