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Friday, November 10, 2006

Spiderman 3:could this be the Perfect Trilogy?

Last night,the new full length trailer for Spiderman 3 debuted on several networks and made an instantly amazing impression. If you didn't see it on Tv(along with me),here's a good look at it:

Film trilogies are hard to pull off-witness the likes of Superman III,Godfather III and Batman Forever(altho I think Batman & Robin is a thousand times worse and yes,I watched twice when it was in theaters). Sure,you do lucky every now and then,with a Return of the Jedi here,a Return of the King there but it's usually the third time around that the signs of decline pop up like pimples such as overdone F/X,watered down storylines,many of the cast members from the first two films refusing to sign on.

Even a seriously thought out plot can get easily overinvolved in itself that it alienates the core audience(see Matrix:Revolutions).

One of the reasons that a trilogy does well is continuity of the creative forces behind it. Sam Raimi driving the helm here for Spiderman is a major incentive for folks to have faith in pre-ordering their tickets. Change of director is not always a bad thing-Richard Lester held Superman II together pretty well after Richard Donnor left-but it can radically alter the path that's been laid out well to begin with. Some of the worry about Brett Ratner taking over for Bryan Singer on X-Men:The Last Stand was warranted. X3 was watchable and entertaining at times but not as solidly crafted as a Singer version would've been.

So,based on this trailer and the past track record of the earlier films,it looks like moviegoers will be in for one hell of a ride next summer. I like how the main conflict is all about Peter Parker being drawn into a web of revenge and tempted to use his powers in a more Batman kind of way(also,Venom looks incredible. Science be praised!). The scariest enemy anyone can face is themselves and the best storytellers know how to successfully bring that idea to the forefront without beating you over the head with the concept. Many of us are going to be like Cartman waiting for the Nintendo Wii with this film:

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Robin Brande said...

Spider-Man 2 was the best sequel I've seen. It was so surprisingly emotional. It's the first superhero flick where I cared more about the man than the supernatural powers.

Compare and contrast the X-Men sequels--ugh. All plot, all slap-dash character sketches, nothing deep we could care about.