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Friday, December 28, 2007

Top Ten Things I Learned From Sweeney Todd

So,I decided to see my last new theaterical release of the year today,and the winner was Sweeney Todd,starring Johnny Depp,Helena Bonham Carter and Alan Rickman as the tragically bound trio of Londonites doomed to destroy each other thru razors,meat pies and song.

As someone who's never seen the Broadway production(apart from a few YouTube clips),this version seemed to truly capture the spirit of the original production while creating an unique vision of this Gothic operetta for a whole new audience along with those already familar with this tuneful tale of woe.

Here are some of the lessons one can take away from the folks of Fleet Street:

10) If the opening credits of a film are practically bathed in blood,don't expect a happy ending:

9) If the man you love is more romantically inclined towards his razor than he is you,he is definitely not at all into you:

8) Keeping alert during your barbershop appointment might actually save your neck,literally.

7) Don't assume that because a shop boy isn't smart,that means that he's not dumb.

6) Even sworn enemies can find some common ground to meet upon:

5) Revenge comes in many different flavors and varieties,enough to fill a even bakery that serves the worst pies in London:

4) If a lecherous judge invites you over to discuss your husband's case and there is a costume party going on when you get there,it's time to call Jacoby and Meyers ,honey!

3) Blackmailing a fellow barber is a ugly business and not too smart to confront a fella with secrets to keep and a sharp blade handy all by your lonesome.

2)Murder sprees are easier to manage when you have a proper and profitable way to dispose of the bodies.

1) You may have either vengeance or salvation;wanting both together at once just won't do,love:


Robin Brande said...

Love number 9. I'm going to remember that one.

Happy New Year, Lady T! Hope 2008 treats you exactly right!

lady t said...

Thanks,Robin and a Happy New Year to you,too!