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Thursday, January 03, 2008

TAR's Team Goth sails over their Speedbump but slips up a U-Turn,Project Runway does some sweet styling and what else is new this winter?

We finally had a non-elimination leg last time on TAR and Team Goth gained a reprieve but were faced with a first ever Race penalty called a Speedbump. It's a task that only the two of them had to do during the next leg and it could come up any time. All of the teams went to Mumbai,India this week,where the Goths found their Speedbump to be a yoga challenge-so right up their alley:

They completed their task just fine and didn't even lose any major time from the other things to do(even caught with Nate and Jen,the resident Bickersons)but unfortunately,the U-Turn was their undoing.

Team Goth made it to the U-Turn moments before Nate and Jen(who were planning to jinx them first)and decided to take up that option. However,they chose to U-Turn Team Grandpa instead. A major mistake,since Nick and Gramps were way ahead of the pack and therefore were not affected by the "Go directly to jail, do not collect $200" shoulder tap there. Let that be a lesson to future Racers,if you have a chance to set a team back,make sure it's one that is right behind you!

So,Kynt and Vysin wound up being neck to neck with Nate and Jen towards the end and sadly,they were eliminated. *Sigh* Such a bummer...they were pretty cool but not crafty enough,I guess. They did take the news very well:

So,we are down to Team Grandpa,Ronald and Christina(he's still getting on that poor girl's case way too much),TK and Rachel and The Bickersons. TK and Rachel are okay and the rest of them are a decent lot(even with the squabbling)but Nate and Jen need to lose-they are so damn annoying!

Project Runway had a tasty assignment for the designers this week,as they had to create an outfit using what ever was available at the Hershey's shop in Times Square. Smart folks snapped up the few cloth items that were there,such as candy bar pillows and large printed items like wrapping papers to work with. Chris March had one of the best dresses,using Hershey and Twizzler lettering to design a chic mixed media top.

Chris deliberately went the non wacky route,in order to show some true style and the judges did appreciate that. Most of the outfits were well done but a few did look rather Halloween parade-ish to me.

Rami does not fall into that catagory. He created this cool Blade Runner type of dress that wowed the judges so much that he took the win for this round. I was hoping that Chris would get the nod here but Rami kicked some sweet ass with this number.

Christian's Reese's Peanut Butter paper cup dress did look well made but kind of lumpy,in my opinion. He really rubs me the wrong way,with his prissy little attitude and constant sniping about how everything the others do is all wrong and how he's so great. Victorya made what she thought was an "ice princess" look but as Heidi pointed out,it looked more like what someone at the Dairy Queen would wear to work.

Jillian was the only one to use actual candy in her dress and even tho the judges were impressed,I have mixed feelings about her end result. The bodice was very loosey goosey on the model and I think that if the center had been sewn or glued together instead of putting those plastic strips in,it would've looked much better.

I do have to give her kudos for working with such difficult material and not having any of it fall off the outfit during the runway presentation. Yet,the whole dress seems only appropiate for a candy coated cowboy hooker. All of the dresses for this challenge will be auctioned off by Hershey at an event to raise money for breast cancer,which is a lovely thing to do,and I wonder how much the Twizzler Tramp outfit will bring in for the cause.

Elisa was declared Out,for this bland brown dress with the weird silver armpuffs. She claimed that the dress was a "Goth Gretel" inspiration but no one was buying that line(not even her model!).

Sweet P came very close to being sent home as well,for constantly remaking her dress and then presenting a last minute dull as dishwater number that her model tried to make interesting by tossing Hershey's Kisses in the air during her runway walk.

Next week,the big challenge has something to do with going down memory lane which should be fun. There was a preview of Make Me A Supermodel on right after Runway,but I don't know if I want to check that out. I can always wait for another cycle of Tyra madness if I want to see some wacky model antics.

Winter Wonderland TV Tidbits

A number of new shows will be debuting in the next few months and with the writers' strike still keeping many of our old favorites at bay,some of these might have to do for our viewing pleasure. Here's a look at a handful that may have some potential..or not!


Ugly Betty's own Marc(Michael Urie) hosts this TLC makeover series for Miss America contestants,which is about rescuing them from the pitfalls of beauty pagent cliches. As someone who loves to hate and hates to love the Miss America pagent,it's nice to see the old school fav get a touch up:


And now for something completely different,Fox gives us the in-between years of the Terminator series with Sarah and son on the run as the evil cyborgs from the future try to wipe them out(doesn't say much for the robots here if they still keep screwing up on this assignment,now does it?).

Summer Glau is on this show as the new Robo Protectoress,which is good since she can't be on The 4400 anymore because USA shortsightedly pulled the plug on that show! What is up with that,USA? Is Burn Notice that big of a deal that you can't bother to pony up the dough for another run of The 4400 there? Maybe Sci-Fi will forego another cheesy movie and snatch it for their summer scheldule instead:


The Fox on-the-back-burner series is alleged to be on by March(don't hold your breath,folks)and I hope this show gets to surface at some point. It has a decent fantasy premise(immortal man spends his time saving the city and seeking his true love)and the leading man is rather easy on the eyes:


ABC is pulling out the girl power guns,with this and Lipstick Jungle,too. Lucy Liu and Miranda Otto star as two ladies of a fearsome foursome pack of upper class gals seeking success in both business and love. A modern look at today's top of the ladder lady league or a Desperate Housewives/Sex And The City retread? You decide,folks!:

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Dane of War said...

Lucy Liu, Bonnie Somerville (yeah - Mona is back!) and Miranda Otto are enough to make me watch anything. Anything but this, that is. It's exactly as described... Sex in The City redeux... no thanks.

The new Terminator series looks pretty good - I'm sure it'll tank, however... that's just what happens to shows I like.