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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

They're bacck! The Satellite of Love crew climbs abroad Cinematic Titanic

Those of us who loved to catch a good laugh at the antics of either Joel or Mike and their robot buddies Tom Servo and Crow on Mystery Science Theater 3000 now have a new format to enjoy the movie mockery in. Joel Hodgson and friends have formed the Cinematic Titanic,another excuse for them to riff on insanely bad movies.

The big backstory here involves a dying dictator,mad scientists and brain transplants but what really matters is more silhouetted folks gather about to comment on the likes of "The Oozing Skull":

So far,Cinematic Titanic has only one film done and available for purchase on DVD. They're planning to have downloads sometime this spring. I just hope that I can rent this movie from Netflix but since this is a brand new venture,it might be awhile for that to happen.

It is good to see some of the traditional MST3K style return. I do like the idea behind RiffTrax(Mike Nelson's audio commentaries for mainstream films and TV)but I do like seeing those audience doppleganger figures at the edge of the frame. Makes me identify with the humor more,plus adds to the unreality of the whole thing.

Rifftrax does allow for some excellant shots being taken at the big boys and girls in Hollywoodland,however. Here's a taste of some of that snark to snack on:





Whether you prefer RiffTrax or Cinematic Titanic,one thing we can all agree on is how good it is to see some creative writers getting the chance to strut their stuff and be decently paid for it. You may not think that what these folks do is as hard work but trust me,they don't just think up these comments on the fly. Alot of thought is put behind this and just as much hard work as writing a TV or movie script. Something that the big wigs in studioland should keep in mind while the writers are still on strike as we speak. Time to make a deal,folks or your professional nightmares will never end:

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