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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Comic Con delights in doll size

The number of sights to see at the NYC Comic Con rivaled any trip into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory(both versions,I might add)and while many exhibitors were selling some of their hot new items,a few were only on display like the official Heroes figures from Mezco(which will be on sale this June).

I was able to get an "exclusive to Comic Con" Buffy the Vampire Slayer figure,courtesy of Diamond Select Toys. The official NYCCC Store had "Initiative" Xander(from season four)and since I own two Anya dolls,it was a vital necessity.

Also,Sideshow Collectibles were very generous,handing out giftcards for folks to purchase items online(you had to go to their website to find out how much it was worth). I received a fifty dollar card and will soon be in possession of a Rupert Giles BTVS figure. Happy birthday to me!

They were also promoting their new line of Indiana Jones figures,in time for a certain movie due to be coming to a theater near you. However,Sideshow was not the only toy vendor at the Con eager to display their line of summer movie tie-ins.

Mattel had a nice big booth that proudly featured their Speed Racer and Dark Knight goodies on display as well as having for sale a Black Suited Superman(which I didn't get).

Hasbro,alas,was not around to shill their Iron Man figures oddly enough but there was plenty of Iron Man posters,promos and comic books all over the place to keep that big blockbuster baby fresh in everyone's mind.

While many of the dolls and toys showcased at the Con were in the affordable price range,quite a few were clearly high end collector's items. While I can appreciate that,it does make a person get all Cheap Pete for a minute there-"Good Lord,that's alot of money!"

For example,Tonner Dolls had an exclusive Harley Quinn figure available for $150 and a set of DC Stars for about $330(the group included Super Girl,Wonder Woman and Bat Girl). The dolls looked great,I will say that. Just too rich for my blood.

There were bizarrely cute dolls,too,such as Teddy Scares and Uglydolls,along with the various knock-off versions(kind of felt sorry for the folks who had to walk around in the giant promo costumes for Uglydolls,they didn't seem to be able to see very well in those suits).

In conclusion, I do have to say that regardless of price and individual taste,there were plenty of dolls and action/poseable figures to please just about anyone walking thru the Comic Con,of all ages and credit card status:

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