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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What musical madness will be unleased on American Idol,courtesy of Andrew Lloyd Webber?

The remaining six contestants on American Idol have quite the interesting challenge this week,as each one must choose a song from the Broadway works of Andrew Lloyd Webber. This could be either the set-up for a spectacular performance or a major recipe for disaster.

Since we don't have any advance word on who will be singing what at this point,I thought it would be fun to make up a playlist for them. After all,we've been watching this bunch for quite awhile now and their musical patterns have been set down into place by this time. So,let the wild rumpus begin!


The kid has a nice voice and tons of female fans,who have kept him on for a good long run. In my opinion,Archuleta is talented but still a diamond in the rough in terms of a major league career. He has a very Disney quality to his sound which leads me to pick a song from Starlight Express for him.

I haven't seen Starlight Express but I know it's about trains and that the whole cast is on roller skates(bonus points,David,if you actually don a pair for the show). After hearing this song "Diesel",I can easily picture him doing this(with Simon Cowell cringing in his chair),which would be amusing on so many levels:


Syesha loves to do diva songs and she's not bad at it,but not as strong vocally as those she emulates. She also is drawn to torch songs with her past choices of "Me and Mrs. Jones" "Saving All My Love For You" and "I Will Always Love You". It makes sense to me that her choice tonight would be "Memory" from Cats.

You know someone's going to do "Memory"-it would be like having a DC Comics costume party with no one coming as Superman,otherwise. Cats,I've actually seen twice on stage and since several other ladies have done this song well,Syesha may have a real chance to shine here:


Castro is like a big puppy dog,you just want to pat him on the head. His musical style is very laid back and mellow(a couple of times,he reminded me of Kermit the Frog)with a coffee house vibe to it. Therefore,I select for Jason a song from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Just take a listen to "Any Dream Will Do" and tell me that it would be hard to picture Castro performing this:


I have a love-hate relationship with Brooke;love her voice but hate many of her song choices,since she leans toward edgy tunes and makes them as dull as dishwater.

All that may change,however,with the number of Webber songs that have the sweetness which suits her best. For that reason,Whistle Down The Wind sounds the porridge that Goldilocks chose for her.

Also,with her piano playing skills,Brooke could really turn this mother out:


Cook is the resident rocker of the group(especially after Amanda Overmeyer,the Rock N' Roll Nurse,was sent home)and while I don't find his emo take on many of the tunes during the competition to be suitable,he does make up for that with a lot of passion. Since many consider him to be a rock god,it's only fitting that Jesus Christ Superstar would go to him.

Some might squirm,due to the touchy nature of the song but this is a guy who has no qualms about taking on Queen,so there you are,folks:


Yes,I saved the best for the last. It's no secret that I am a shameless cheerleader for Carly,who is the true powerhouse of the group. Carly is like a Weeble,she wobbles but she doesn't fall down,despite what the judges say nearly every damn week!

You might think that Evita's "Don't Cry For Me" would be a prime pick,but I prefer The Phantom of the Opera's "Music of the Night" instead. Carly has the range to pull off the high melodic runs and the emotional strength to carry the song thru. And before anyone says" But isn't that a guy's song?",listen to Sarah Brightman's version of it and tell me that Carly can't do this,I dare you!:

Well, we will see what happens tonight. Hopefully,the show will give us some good tunes and a good time,not to mention a laugh or two,in all of the right places:

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