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Monday, May 12, 2008

A few Pop Culture Presidental candidates to add to your ballot

With the upcoming Democratic and Republican conventions due this summer, more and more
political talk will overlap into the entertainment realm during what many consider to be their well earned vacation time. I say that you can still enjoy your popcorn movies and beach books without totally spoiling your fun and keeping an eye on the election.

So,to make this topic a bit enjoyable,why consider what fictional character you'd love to have as your write-in candidate? For some,the automatic response to that is "Bruce Campbell" and for others, Nathan Petrelli is the obvious choice( let's see if he survived that bullet from last season first,i my opinion) but since a democracy is all about choice,here are a few more contenders for the top spot in The White House:

LINUS VAN PELT: A truly sincere guy,who is unswerving in his devotions to his constituents,his trusty blanket and belief in the Great Pumpkin. Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of his character,and as this clip will show,he and
his campaign manager Lucy know how to get their message out to the voters via one of the most powerful media outlets in America,talk radio:

PARIS GELLER: This strongly opinionated and passionately determined speaker is the kind of motivated modern young woman that could run a country or rule an empire.

Not only does she have experience from her days as student body president of Chilton,she knows how to pick a good vice presidential candidate to increase her likability factor with voters and who can also help her make a quick exit during an emotional meltdown on C-Span:

LEX LUTHOR: We all know that he's destined to be charge someday,so why not now? Even his enemies agree that Lex is highly intelligent and he can certainly hold his own in a debate:

JANE AUSTEN: Now,I know what you're going to say;she's not an American and yes,she was a real person at one time. Since Jane has been used for fictional purposes in books and film,I think that slight detail can be easily overlooked and as to her nationality,well,there's a first time for everything!

There's no denying that Austen's platform has room for all to stand together and unite in harmony. She's pro-military,supports a woman's right to freedom of choice(especially when it comes to love) and is in favor of strong family values:

STAN LEE: Now,here's somebody who is a prime example of the American Dream,a self made successful innovator who has no shame in his game when it comes to positive support and promotion for artists. Yes,Stan is a real person,too,but he's larger than life,which makes him fit right in. He's also a nonpartisan in his politics,as his new book Election Daze has all of the upcoming candidates as equal opportunity punchlines:

Well,whoever you eventually wind up voting for,don't discount the influence of pop
culture on the campaign trail. As they say,The President is a product:


Laurie Viera Rigler said...

What a fabulous array of clips--funny, thought-provoking--and I don't just say this because you included my candidate's ad in your post. I particularly love the one with the Lex Luthor action figure--LOL. Brings me back to my childhood and all those Superman comics I read...except I don't remember them being that funny. ;-)

lady t said...

Thanks,Laurie-If you love that Lex clip,there's a whole series of superhero face offs made by the same person in the parody style of the PC/Mac commercials on YouTube- "Hello,I'm A DC and I'm A Marvel".

The ones with Batman really crack me up:)

Laurie Viera Rigler said...

Thanks for the tip, Lady T--can't wait to see those. I'm laughing already!