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Monday, July 28, 2008

Time to vote for your Design Star of 2008!

Normally, I would discuss Design Star on Thursday but since the voting for this year's winner ends on Wednesday(you can vote online once a day or text in as many five votes daily on your cellphone),time is of the essence here.

For their final challenge,Matt and Jenn were sent to New Orleans to create new living rooms,kitchens and dining rooms for two families still recovering from Hurricane Katrina. Both families had other things in common-the husbands are public servants(police and fire department)and they're neighbors,just across the street from one another.

Both Matt and Jen were thrilled to be able to help these folks out and they certainly had their work cut out for them:

Design Star is just about the only reality competition show I've seen that always has such good people(creatively and character wise)for the Final Two and so far,it's the one place where nice guys really finish first. We've seen that with David and Kim from the earlier seasons and if either Matt or Jenn wins,I'll be happy. Jenn has proven to both sweet and stylish,a true double threat. Her artistic tastes are very down to earth,which reflects well on her and the kind of room you'd wind up getting out of her:

Matt is a very hands on designer,whose talents are best displayed in the carpentry items that he whips up for his rooms. His personality on screen is infectious and while he may seem stubborn at times,it's his strength of character that shines through to the end results:

Both of them did a great job in remaking the New Orleans homes,but I do have to give Matt a slight edge there. His living room was set up much better than Jenn's(choosing a large setting sectional was good,Jenn,but not in white-stain city alert!)and when picking a partner between two former competitors to help out(a show tradition),he insisted on Mikey V. going to Jenn due to the fact that she's never done a kitchen before and would need him to get it done right. Now,if that isn't an excellent example of real sportsmanship,I don't know what is:

Good luck to both Matt and Jenn,and may the best person win. The finale next Sunday should be a lot of fun,especially since it'll also be a reunion of all of the designers including the annoying Tracee and her arch nemesis,Michael. Hey,even on the nice shows,you gotta have some drama!:

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