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Friday, May 01, 2009

The Top Ten things I learned from X-Men Origins:Wolverine

I just got back from seeing the first big popcorn movie of the summer,the long awaited X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Hugh Jackman really enjoys playing this character and who could blame him?

Wolverine,aka Logan,is not one of the most popular characters in the X Men universe for nothing-the guy is gruff,tough and has those cool claws that pop out ever so conveniently to slice up some bad guy beefsteaks when needed.

A major part of Wolverine's appeal is his mysterious background,which is explored here in rapid fire detail. Logan's fast healing ability and bone claws start showing up in childhood and lead to a deadly conclusion to a family dispute,causing him to go on the lam with half brother Victor Creed(Liev Schreiber).

Logan and Victor both share that Highlander-esque immortal gene,which takes them to various war fronts over the decades and gains the attention of Col. Striker(Danny Huston).

Striker heads up a group of secret Special Ops mutants,who get into some pretty nasty wetwork. That doesn't sit well with Logan but suits Victor just fine and dandy. Years after Logan ditches the old gang,it's no surprise that big brother Vic shows up with a mean set of abandonment issues that are taken out on Logan's lady love Kayla(Lynn Collins). The family reunion only gets worse from there:

Logan goes back to Striker,willing to be a guinea pig for a metal to bone transfusion in order to get his vengeance on. Naturally,things are not as they seem and a number of revelations lead Wolverine down a dark garden path indeed.

There's been a lot of fuss and fury about this movie,particularly after the whole illegal download work print scandal,and as to the quality of the film itself,my honest answer is this: It is what it is,folks. Was it as good as the first two X Men films? No,but it's not as disappointing as X Men: Last Stand turned out to be.

Did I enjoy this movie? Hell to the yes! While many other popular X Men characters were either briefly featured(Emma Frost,Cyclops)or quickly used and disposed of(Gambit,John Wraith,The Blob)and certain late added scenes had a hasty feel of CGI magic to them,the film did deliver on action.

Schrieber brings plenty of good humored glee to Victor,aka Sabretooth,and he definitely clicks well with Jackman onscreen. Wil.I.Am also does a nice job here as John Wraith and Taylor Kirsch makes a great first impression as Gambit(who should be a major player for another X Men film). As for the Dead Pool dilemma,all I can safely tell any big fan of the character is to take the wisdom of James M. Cain to heart.

Cain was once interviewed by a young journalist,who bemoaned that Hollywood had "ruined" all of his books with their less than faithful adaptations. Cain simply pointed to a book shelf in his office and said "No,they're all still there." In other words, the Dead Pool of your dreams is still in print and no one movie can take him away.

So,do I recommend this movie? Yes,if you are looking for a good escapist thrill ride at the multiplex,the Wolverine flick fits the bill nicely. Think of it as a mental vacation from your troubles and I think you'll find this movie to be worth every hard earned penny of the price of admission.

To sweeten the pot,here are the Top Ten survival tips that X Men Origins: Wolverine can pass onto you:

10) Brandishing a sword at an ex-girlfriend's wedding is memorable enough to be worth the hassle of carrying one.

9) Be wary of a man who promises you two things:that you will endure the worst pain imaginable and that you will get your revenge.

8) If a man is looking for blood,he is sure to find it!

7) Don't be too quick to let old friends in the door or the show may be over for you permanently:

6)When asking a old comrade in arms for some info,it's best not to bring up his weight gain issues.

5) Card playing Cajuns are not always easy to approach for help:

4) The lack of the ideal Dead Pool may not be a total loss there:

3) Brothers are never done with each other, no matter what.

2) It's best to be professional when it comes to comparing and contrasting other big superhero movies on the block:

1) Fight the real enemy at the box office:

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